Jan 17, 2013

Well THIS was interesting

I've debated for a couple of weeks about whether to post this or not, and last night when I realized that I was down to either writing about "it" or simply penning a post about how many Pringles I ate while watching Idol auditions, "it" won out.

So. A couple of days after I sent my Christmas cards (with letters) out, I got a Facebook message from a friend, someone with whom I've been friends for about 11 years. Here's what it said (I've not edited it at all):

Help me out here, Kat ...
Maybe I'm just one of those out-of-touch, non-parental-unit types ... but I don't get the whole reporting-on-your-kids'-worst-aspects thing. (Damn, that's a lot of hyphens.) The mommy blogging sagas of bad kid behavior, the "I could live without" sections of your annual letter.
I don't openly blog/write about marital issues or my husband's annoying habits. (Not that we have Big Troubles. He's a peach to live with, thank you, God.)
Are you kids going to appreciate this when they get old enough to realize every tantrum, poop and runny nose has been thoroughly chronicled for the entire world to read?
I just don't get it. It really bothers me. Please help me understand.

I think that unless today is your very first day reading my blog, you know right off the bat that this friend just doesn't "get" me, nor does she understand the context in which I tell my stories here. I actually feel no need to defend myself, because the things she's accusing me of in her note, I don't feel apply to me. (And actually, I have lots of proof that usually when I talk about poop in this space, I'm telling stories on myself, not about any of my kids.)

I did (because she requested it) write back a long, thoughtful response, to which she replied (partially):

My thinking is that my children (if I had them) didn't have a say about coming into this universe, and having their lives chronicled in a public forum, accessible by virtually anyone, should be *their* choice, not mine. (I think that TV shows like the Duggars and Jon & Kate Plus 8 are particularly egregious.)
I'm glad that the oldest boys get a kick out of it, although in my opinion, they're not old enough to fully understand the ramifications of what a blog is and can't give anything resembling informed consent.
But, this is a difference of opinion, and I respect that you see things very differently. I'm not saying you should take down your blog or stop sending family letters. Just saying it would not be my choice and is not something that would fit with my own personal preferences as far as privacy is concerned.

I thought it was hilariously ironic that the first pretty negative thing that got hurled my way was from someone I know in real life and was as a result of my Christmas letter, not my blog. I'm assuming that she doesn't READ my blog, since the letter itself seemed to be enough to push her over the proverbial edge. If she came here, she might REALLY lose it.)

I share this with you to say that I KNOW how fortunate I am to have such kind readers. In the five years I've been blogging here, I've been so lucky to have formed friendships here and to have enjoyed many laughs with you all. As far as I can remember, most any criticism that's been leveled at me in the Comments has been constructive in nature, which is totally fine by me.

You guys are amazing! Thanks for coming back, day after day, and enduring whatever I have to say.

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