Jan 16, 2013

She's doomed

It's going to be rough,

REALLY rough

when she goes out into the world

and realizes

that there are people out there

who don't think she's their sun,

their moon,

their everything.

Because ever since she was born,

she's been,


their everything.

Anecdotal evidence: this is what happens every time she goes down for a nap, wakes up from a nap, leaves for school, comes home from school, goes to bed, wakes up in the morning, or is otherwise away from her brothers for any longer than 30 minutes:

1 comment:

Annamaria162 said...

The boys will beat up anyone who disagrees with their opinion of her. Seriously though, such adoration can only have positive outcomes. It gives her the confidence she'll need for dealing with people who aren't so emotionally invested in her. Sorry. I'm neck deep in another child development class and it's showing. Jake stays pretty distracted during phonics classes. If he hears crying coming from the infant class he has to stop and determine that it's not Amelia before we can continue. And heaven forbid I should try to take her through his classroom to the indoor active play room! Adds five full minutes to a thirty second trip.

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