Jan 8, 2013

Downton and Tweets

I don't know how many of you watch Downton Abbey, but Grayson and I do. We've been anxiously awaiting the premiere of Season 3, which aired last Sunday night.

I think you know how fond I am of Twitter, and sometimes while I'm watching a show, I'll check the show's hashtag (Downton's is #DowntonPBS) to see what people are saying. It's not to see what the Average Joe is saying, mind you. It's to see what FUNNY PEOPLE are saying.

Tangent Alert: I think a lot of people on Twitter don't even really understand the purpose for which hashtags are intended ... it's so that you can search for "trending topics" at any given time to see what people are saying about them. Now people hashtag everything, from #sotired to #indigestion to #shutupalready, and some of that stuff is humorous ... but I hope people also use them for their intended purpose. #endtangent

ANYWAY, the nice people over at From Inside the Box posted a bunch of Tweets from the time around the premiere, and I chose some favorites from their list to share with you (unedited for punctuation, grammar, etc.): 

Episode 1
  • "Anybody know what channel that program Down Town Abby is on tonight? (Now look at my @ replies)" - Eric Stonestreet
  • "Daisy is going to unionize this b****. #DowntonPBS" -- Lil Nerdette
  • "Glad to see so many people enjoying PBS right now. Wonder what Mitt Romney's watching? #downtonpbs" -- Ewing Web
  • "Sybil, I know a good lawyer in case you want to sue SuperCuts. #DowntonPBS" -- Nathan Deschaine
  • "Jeez, Matthew just inherits s*** all over the d*** place, doesn't he? #DowntonPBS" -- Erin M. Harris
  • "Anna really needs her own beauty shop. Edith's hair is banging. #DowntonPBS @MasterpiecePBS" -- KM Jackson
  • "Have you seen The Crawley's Kickstarter Page? #DowntonPBS" -- Paul Winkler
  • "I want to do something jolly with MY hair. #Downtonpbs" -- Jennifer Abella
  • "'He has no say in it?' 'No. And nor do you.' The Dowager Countess runs this town. #downtonabbey #downtonpbs" -- Telly Visions
  • "Q: Edith still no one special? A: How can I find the time? I spend every waking hour plotting the downfall of my horrid sister. #DowntonPBS" -- ThirteenNY
  • "Is it just me, or did Bates get better looking? Prison becomes him. #downtonPBS #freebates" -- Librarian Kate
  • "Mary is such a Kardashian #downtonPBS" -- Maggie May Jones
  • "I'm not sure Lady Mary Crawley really understands metaphors about public transit, Anna. #downtonabbey #downtonpbs" -- Samwise TV
  • "Mary's wedding dress.... hmmm where is Vera Wang when you need her? #downtonPBS" -- Chris VanCleave 

And I HAD to include this one, from the moment the screen went black just as Matthew and Mary were about to take their vows:
  • "wait what just happened #downtonPBS seriously is that how the British deal with marriage scenes?" -- Matt O'Connell

I wish I'd had a video camera rolling in our house when that happened, because Grayson almost choked ... he said, "Wha?? What just happened? Did they get married? Wait. Did we miss something? What's that car? Are they in that car? Has it been a month? What's going on."

Episode 2
  • "The last man Anna saw in Mary's bed was dead, so this is a vast improvement. #DowntonPBS #DowntonAbbey" -- Alyssa Lynne
  • "Edith needs a copy of "He's Just Not That Into You" #DowntonPBS" -- Nicole Fonsh
  • "Honestly there should just be a "PSA: DON'T LISTEN TO THOMAS ABOUT ANYTHING" sign in the #DowntonAbbey kitchen at all times. #downtonpbs" -- Telly Visions
  • "Why on earth did Robert just talk himself out of getting rid of Edith? PLEASE, SIR ANTONY, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TAKE HER. #DowntonPBS" -- Corrie
  • "Strallan's letter is probably the equivalent of getting dumped via text. #ouch #hadtobedone #downtonpbs" -- Karin Chen
  • "Hey Robert. Your other daughter married HER COUSIN and you're upset about an oldie? #DowntonPBS" -- Kaitlyn
  • "Edith just needs to hold a radio over her head outside of Sir Anthony's window. #downtonpbs" -- Erica Monroe

Honestly, if you've never checked out the hashtags during your favorite show, please try it, read about 30 or 40 Tweets, and let me know if you read anything worthwhile. I'll be interested to hear!

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