Jan 30, 2013

Amelia in video

I'm in Houston this week on business, but I wanted to share a few recent videos with you. They're not of anything really special ... just some random things, but I knew my family would want to see them. And since some of you consider yourselves an extension of my family (AHEM, I'm talking to you, STALKERS), I thought you might enjoy them, too.

And yes, we all talk to her in that ridiculously high tone of voice. It's a sickness.

First, I caught Amelia "sanitizing her hands." She sees her teachers do it all day long, I'm sure, and we do it after we change her diaper around here. To see her miming it was just adorable! (And the carpet spray was in the "lock" position, so she couldn't have sprayed it even if she'd tried.)

Next, even though Amelia isn't walking quite yet, she IS a master at getting up and down the stairs quickly.

And finally, we waited months and months too long for this to have been funny when we finally did it, but we gave Amelia a lemon to taste last weekend. Actually, I still thought it was funny.

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