Dec 4, 2012

Cousins, simple as that

My cousin Lesley and her husband Bart have three sons.

Each of them is within a year of our boys, and then our Amelia is the little caboose on our Kid Train. You'd think she might get lost in the shuffle of six older boys, but nope.

She just gets right in there with them, sometimes watching, sometimes grabbing her own Beyblade and joining in.

They don't mind a bit ... as a matter of fact, John Bart -- Lesley's youngest, on the right in these pictures -- has been asking to come over and see "Baby Uh-mill-ee-uh" for weeks.

While Jake, John Bart and Amelia played on the floor, Branum, Nick, George Emory and Nathaniel played on the couch. Ahhhhh ... can't you just smell the fresh air?

(I do have plans for that huge blank wall back there, by the way. I promise. One day.)

Lesley and I grew up playing together, sharing secrets, taking trips together ... so it does our hearts good to see our kids loving each other so well.

They really are such a sweet crew ... I don't think we had a single argument or injury in five hours.

And John Bart definitely got his time with sweet Amelia. He "mentored" her in the art of stacking the stars on the toy pole.

She watched intently. At first I thought she was trying to learn from him, but then I saw that she was wielding that bulb syringe in her hand so she could whack him with it if he didn't give her toy back. #threebigbrothers

Just look at these two. Looks like a classic Olan Mills, if one of Olan Mills' props was a lumpy brown sofa.

I'm not sure that there can be two more different toys than the iPod Touch (above) and Beyblades (below). iPods are, well, iPods, and Beyblades are basically glorified spinning tops.

No comparison, if you ask me, but the kids love those spinning tops. They've been playing with them for almost two years now.

Is that a scorpion on my rug? Oh, no. Sorry. Army man. Honest mistake.

Anyway, cousins. So glad I have them, so glad my kids have them. Do you have any you're as close to as siblings?

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