Nov 5, 2012

A glimpse inside my psyche

I know you guys thought I was crazy for complaining about not getting better pictures of my kids on Halloween.

Amelia thought I was crazy, too.

But I was convinced that if I could just get them back in their costumes for five minutes ...

I could get pictures I wouldn't be ashamed to put in their scrapbooks.

For the most part, it worked.

I mean, Amelia only kept the owl hat on for four seconds before tearing it off ...

But other than that, the other pictures I got of her were keepers.

And I didn't even have to bribe her.

The wings. Ohhh, the wings.

Probably the only year she'll have neck rolls and wrist rolls to complement her Halloween costume, so it HAD to be documented.

The boys were a different story.

I had to bribe them with Icees from the gas station to get them to dress up again.

To be clear, I am not above bribery. At all.

If the promise of a 99-cent Icee was all it took to get them out on the deck for five minutes for these pictures ...

I was all about it.

No regrets here.

I thought my one holdout might be Nick ...

But no. He even infused some new poses into the shoot for me.

Completely unprompted, he disco danced, checked the time and broke it down.

He cracks me up.

I've never seen a more friendly skeleton.

Or a more introspective one.

Nathaniel was the lone holdout, but that was okay. I was happy to get three of the four.

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