Oct 8, 2012

'This year's smile. Captured forever.'

When I picked up school picture proofs from daycare, I thought to myself, "They might want to rethink printing that particular tagline right there on the packaging."

I thought some of the alternate poses might be a little better.

Nope. As our babysitter Anna said, "She looks like she just came from a puppy funeral."

Jakey did give it HIS best shot, though. When they told him to say "cheese," he gave it all he had.

And I have to admit, this one of the two of them together warmed my heart. INTERNET, HER HAND IS ON HIS SLEEVE.

But seriously. Puppy funeral.


Jami said...

Those are adorable, smile or no smile.

Tracey said...

Cracking up! But, I agree...smile or no smile, she is adorable. Gretchen & I were talking this weekend about how gorgeous A is. ;) And Jakey's pic...precious.

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