Oct 17, 2012

Just like Lynda Carter, only rounder

OMG OMG OMG. This is already on its way to my house for Amelia for Christmas. I hadn't known about it for four seconds before it was in my Amazon cart.

If you're my age plus or minus five years (39), surely you dreamed of being Wonder Woman. My sister and I ran around in the Underoos with brown wigs on and raggedy gold twine in our hands for years. For YEARS, Internet.


Invisible jet. Golden lasso. Patriotic unitard. Bullet-repellent cuffs. Headband. My body type. $15-freaking-99. DONE and DONE.


Annamaria162 said...

I was dedicated enough to being WW as a child to put duct tape around both wrists repeatedly. Despite the pain involved in removing the stuff. I'm amazed I still have skin on my lower arms.

jennhenders said...

Love and love. Ya done good, Mama!

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