Oct 19, 2012



You’re full-blown “Nick” now. When you started 2
nd grade this Fall, your teacher asked you what you wanted to be called in the classroom, and you said, “Nick.” Oh, we still call you Nicholas around the house some, but mostly you’re Nick. Every inch of it.

You’ve matured more over the last year than you did in the preceding three combined, I think. I don’t know if it’s due to nature, nurture, counseling, karate, becoming a big brother to a baby sister, or a combination of it all, but you are really growing up.

Your 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. P, seems to really “get” you. And what I love about this year is that you seem to “get” her, too … you respect her, and you are really enjoying her class. You come home, excited to tell me how well you performed in class. And when you finish your homework, you say, “I think Mrs. P is going to be so proud of how good my penmanship is,” or “Mrs. P is going to be impressed that I read more than 25 pages tonight!”

This year you are almost a new child in terms of managing your temper. You still occasionally lash out, but I feel like I’ve watched you undergo a complete transformation, right before my very eyes. You’re more respectful most of the time, and most importantly, you consider the needs of others. I think that’s been the biggest effect Amelia has had on you: her presence has caused you to look and think outside of yourself as you’ve never done before.

I’ve seen you display more love, thoughtfulness, protectiveness and affection over the past year than anytime I can remember. And it’s been a beautiful, wondrous thing. You’ve always been amazing to me, but this year you’ve blown me away. 

Watching your heart open up so much recently has caused a shift in my own. Seeing your arms embrace the newest member of our family so vulnerably has reminded me of the importance of embracing all of you more often. And witnessing you weighing your responses more carefully before you react has affected me deeply. After all, if you’re capable of exercising such self-control, so should I be.

I love you more than you will ever know, and I am so proud of you. At only 8 years old, you are earning my respect more and more every day, and I can’t wait to see where the next eight years take us.

I love you,


* pink bandana for Breast Cancer Awareness Month  :)

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