Sep 20, 2012

The lake. Yes, again.

You'd think that after 20 years of going to the lake with Lisa and Honor

It might get boring.

But it doesn't. We keep adding children.

And boats. (Well, not us. We're not adding boats. But they are.)

There's always been a child who's trying something for the first time. Sometimes it's a Cheeto.

Sometimes it's jumping off a cliff.

And then getting your nerve up to go even higher.

Or diving.

Or flipping.

And sometimes it's doing things you've done hundreds of times before.

But as long as you're doing it with friends, it never gets old.

I'd love to see us making these same two trips every summer in another 20 years.


Jami said...

You're right, as long as it's with a friend it never get old. I have a certain couple if girls I can already picture sitting McDonald's drinking out diets 30 years from now.

Honor said...

Amen Sister!

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