Aug 10, 2012

Orange belts in the how-ooooose!

A couple of weeks ago, Nathaniel and Nick tested for their orange belts in Aikido Judo. I asked Grayson to take them this time, since last time I almost passed out from the stress of worrying over whether or not they knew all their terminology and form.

But they passed! So I took them on Monday night to their regular class, where they were presented their orange belts during a brief ceremony.

Waiting their turns to be recognized is pretty boring, I guess.

 But once their names were called, individually, they perked right up.

Shihan bestowed their new rank upon them with appropriate flourish and fanfare.

Nick takes Aikido very seriously, always "answering up" with a "Yes, sir" or "No, sir," and maintaining his serious face almost all the time while he's in the dojo.

So it was great to see him grin with so much pride.

Once all of the kids who tested had been given their new belts, we quickly changed them out so that they could participate in class with their new rank.

I think they felt like I feel when I'm wearing a cute new shirt or something. They were obviously pleased.

Once class started, it was every man for himself. Shihan and the senseis who assist him always keep things well under control, but it's still a bunch of little boys in pretty much constant contact for an hour, so, you know.

I don't know how long their interest in it will last, nor do I know why Nick's jacket fits him so much better than Nathaniel's does. Two mysteries.

But one thing I DO know: I am enjoying this season of a sport in which I get to sit on a chair INDOORS and play turns in Words with Friends while I watch them learn a new skill. No numb bleacher-butt, no mosquitoes, no dragging Jake and Amelia to a field of any description.

However long it lasts, it's been nice.


Tracey said...

Way to go, boys!! Woot! I'm with you...give me an indoor sport to watch anytime. :)

Tracey said...

Way to go, boys!! Woot! I'm with you...give me an indoor sport to watch anytime. :)

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