Aug 23, 2012

Clothes from a 'stalker'

Okay, I know bloggers can get kind of touchy about people who throw around the word "stalker." But my stalkers gave themselves that name, and I really think it's kind of funny.

Because what kind of stalkers look like THIS?

Sometime recently, Tracey asked me on Twitter if I'd be interested in some of the clothes her daughter Maggie has grown out of, and I was like, "YES! NOW! TODAY! ABSOLUTELY!"

So she packed them up -- VERY CAREFULLY -- and shipped them down to me. When they arrived, I ripped the box open, and this was on top:

I have no idea where Amelia would wear this, as my kids can wear shorts and T-shirts to our church. But it's precious nonetheless. Perhaps she'll just wear it to daycare one day. They would eat her up with a spoon if she showed up in that.

Right underneath The Dress Fit for a Princess was a pink outfit specifically made for a Little Sister. Grayson loved that one.

A little farther down in the box was this Life is a Bowl of Cherries dress, which she will wear as soon as humanly possible.

Also there near the top was this bikini ... OH. MY. WORD.

Have. You. Ever. I have not.

Then I got to THIS outfit, which is undoubtedly one of my favorites.

If I didn't already have something for her to wear at her birthday party, I'd put her in that. Perhaps we will have a pre-cake outfit and a post-cake outfit.

Next I pulled out this patriotic winner. So cute!

And guess what. I only got through about a quarter of the box. There is much, much more that I have yet to explore! It has to wait until the weekend.

But THANK YOU, TRACEY! This is a dear, dear gift, one that we won't forget. I'm sure you'll be seeing many pictures of Amelia Gray in many of Maggie's hand-me-downs.

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Tracey said...

Well, you are welcome! I am so blessed...Maggie has a few people hand stuff down to her and two grandmas with good taste. ;) I love that you will put her in the green dress for daycare! Ha. Our church is laid back, too, but mom got that for Easter. She was fancy schmancy!! :) Enjoy!

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