Aug 24, 2012

Let them know you appreciate them

While I was working on the Scout Badge boxes last Friday night, I also made a couple of boxes for Nathaniel's and Nick's teachers to thank them for a great first week of school. I bought a couple of extra craft organizers while I was at the craft store ...

And I used some of my more feminine scrapbook paper to decorate the tops of the boxes. Nathaniel's teacher's first name starts with a J:

And Nick's teacher's first name starts with a D.

Lots of school/office supplies were on sale last week, so I took advantage of that and picked up a lot of brightly colored paperclips, magnets, rubber bands, Post-it Flags and pushpins.

It was such a happy little box!

I loved opening it up and seeing all the bright colors inside.

And of course no teacher's gift is complete without chocolate, so I filled a few of the slots with Kisses. Of the chocolate variety.

One of the things I like best about this gift is that while it's intended for classroom use, once all of the supplies have been used, the teachers can either opt to fill the box back up with similar items, or go a different way with it completely.

If you have a young daughter, I think it would be really cute to personalize one for a jewelry box! There may be one of those in my future ...

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