Nicholas: "She can't eat those."
Me: "I smashed them up into little bits and there isn't any meat in here."
I show him the bowl.
Me: " If she can handle Cheerios...."
Nicholas gives his approval. By now, Nathaniel has taken an interest in our conversation.
Nathaniel: "What is it?"
I show him what's in the bowl, and Nicholas tells him. This next bit is the part I want to call your attention to.
Nathaniel (as I am giving Amelia a tiny bite): "This is the first time she's eaten that. I better get a picture."
He grabs the camera off the fireplace and proceeds to snap away. Soooooo ... this is what I want to know: Have you trained him to capture 'firsts' in the event of your absence, or has he just picked this up from being in an atmosphere of almost constant documentation (scrapbooks, blogs, etc.) Because it was just too cute.

As I told Anna when I emailed her back, I haven't "trained" the boys to do that, but I LOVE that they both thought to grab cameras and document some of Amelia's "firsts." I think it's less a result of my constant documentation of their lives and more of a testament to how much they love her. They want to capture and remember those special moments because they realize how quickly she's changing and how much they want us all to remember how incredible this time was.

I couldn't be more proud.