Jul 10, 2012

Uncomfortable truths, vol. 31

1. The other day I was getting ready for work and had just started using my big-barrel curling iron to straighten out my hair when I heard that it was supposed to rain 90 percent of the day. I'd only straightened the two pieces of hair on either side of my face, and guess what. I STOPPED. Right there, I stopped. Further straightening would have been futile, with all that rain coming, so I went to work with two straight pieces on the sides of my face, the rest of it in a shambles. The good news? By lunchtime, my whole HEAD was in a shambles again, so, Win!

2. Every time I get out a Ziploc snack bag, I gripe inwardly because they're all sealed shut. I mean, when you grab a baggie, you don't want it SEALED. You want it UNSEALED, and then once you put your stuff in it, you'll seal it. I'm sure they're manufactured that way for packaging purposes, but MY WORD WITH THE INCONVENIENCE OF IT ALL.

3. I use one-and-a-half arm's lengths of toilet paper every time I wipe. Doesn't matter if it's #1 or #2. The length of the paper I require is the same. Yes, we go through a lot of toilet paper. What of it?

4. On Twitter, I recently lamented the fact that I can’t wear my pedometer in the pool. I am obsessed with how many steps I take a day. So when I spend eight hours in the pool with four active children over a weekend, I am very upset that I can’t count that exercise time. Because as I explained to Grayson, if I take a step and it isn’t recorded on my pedometer, did I really take a step? THE ANSWER IS NO. Yes, this is a sickness.

5. I found a single Reese’s Piece under my desk two weeks ago while I was moving from one cube to another. I was so tempted to eat it. I didn’t, but I was so tempted to that I smelled it.

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