Jul 29, 2012

Heads-up for this week on the blawg

Well, I've never done this before in the illustrious history of my blog, but this week (due to request, no less!) I'm going to be posting a bunch of recipes.

Many of you asked for the recipes for the dishes we enjoyed while we were at the beach this year, so I'm going to post as many as I was able to gather the recipes for.

I'll also post some other things, but a good portion of this week's posts will be recipes. You might want to check back more than once a day if you don't subscribe via email or RSS feed, just because some days there will be more than one post.

This is a foreign concept to me ... posting RECIPES, for heaven's sake. Cooking isn't my forte, by a long shot, but this food was all really good, and I'm happy to share with you on behalf of our extended family! As they post, I will add them to my Favorite Recipes page for future reference.

Get ready to drool.

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