Jul 27, 2012

Garlic Cheese Crescent Rolls

There are lots of blogs you can go to for beautiful pictures of food.

SPOILER ALERT: This isn't one of them.

I usually end up taking the pictures with my phone because I decide to document recipes at the last second, and most of my cookware and bakeware is 20 years old.

Nonetheless, sometimes I decide I just need to share something with you, and this is one of those times.

When my family wasn't as taken with the Cheesy Garlic Bread That God Himself Eats in Heaven as I'd hoped they would be, I decided to see if I could just throw something together using crescent rolls the next time we needed dinner bread.

What I came up with was the (no doubt not unique at all) idea to put cheese and garlic in some crescent rolls. This is all you need:

Open the crescent rolls and lay them out on your baking sheet. (Rust spots optional.) Sprinkle shredded cheese and a little garlic bread sprinkle (or real garlic or garlic salt) on the dough.

(Do you especially like how I didn't even make all the crescents fit on the baking sheet, and how some of them are ripped? You'd think someone who's so anal-retentive about the twist-ties on her bread loaves wouldn't be able to stand that.)

 Roll the crescents up, and sprinkle a little more cheese and garlic-ingredient-of-choice on top. Don't bother wiping that extra cheese off of the pan. To do so would deny you the opportunity to have to scrape it off once it's baked on good and hard.

Bake according to the directions on the can, and be totally amazed when they come out looking sort of gourmet!

What. I left the baked-on remnants of the other crescents and all the rust spots there on purpose. ALL the cool food bloggers are doing it.

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