May 31, 2012

My newest consignment finds for Amelia

Amelia recently moved into 12-month clothes (*sigh*), so I've pulled out the things I have in that size. Again, almost everything is consignment or hand-me-down, and the outfits are SO CUTE!

I can already tell this one won't last long, because it's hard to get her chubby little arms through the armholes. No Spandex in this outfit.

But the details are so cute, I want to put her in it as often as possible before she outgrows it!

I know as she gets older, the clothes will get less cute and more skanky. I can't get over some of the "young girls' clothes" I see at the mall.

While I can put her in clothes like these, I'm going to count my blessings!

I never could have anticipated enjoying dressing a girl up so much.

This is the one item I bought new, and I bought it before she was born.

I bought it in a 12-month and newborn size, and she wore it the first couple of weeks of October.

And now she gets to wear it again! LOVE.

The tights. I die.

But I have no desire to buy everything new. Why should I, when there's so much cute stuff out there for sale at consignment shops and sales? Polka dots. Be still my heart:

This little Ralph Lauren number was only $11. And it came with matching bloomers. Not bad!

This is another one that won't last long, because it's not stretchy at all. But my goodness.

Do I need to tell you how precious she looks in this? You can imagine.



Jami said...

I thought the one outfit looked familiar. I love the black and blue one!

Grape News said...

Before I had my Kalei girl I was not into pink. Now I love pink! I miss having a girl to dress up.

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