Mar 16, 2012

My fashion plate

I've been assuming that Amelia would be, among our kids, the most concerned with her appearance and the most invested in how she looks when she leaves the house every day.

But I think Jakey is going to give her a run for her money!

When we headed out to Lisa's last Saturday for the day, he wanted to wear his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse PJs, gloves from Nick's Cad Bane Halloween costume, Buzz Lightyear sunglasses and one-size-too-big Toy Story Crocs. And of course, I said, "Sure."

His ensemble was quite eclectic.

And his gloves were quite the finishing touch, I must say.

How could I deny him, ask him to wear something more presentable?

Couldn't do it. Sometimes you just have to let 'em swagger.


Angie said...

Ha Ha- Now that boy has a sense of style! What a fun outfit & what a good momma you are not getting stuck on the little things!!!

Shelby Baker said...

Literally laughing out loud this morning! Wish I lived closer so I could babysit this hunk :)

momof4inNY said...

I love that you let him leave like that! I have 4 children, my youngest was a pleasant surprise:) When he was little, his favorite summer outfit was a pair of shorts and rain boots--no shirt or socks! I am too tired to fight the small battles:)

Jami said...

Some battles aren't just worth fighting. My 4 year old wanted to wear long pants and long sleeved shirt today, it's going to be 80 degrees. I decided not to fight it. He figured it out and is sitting beside me wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

Jake just looks too cute to make him change.

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