Mar 15, 2012

In which I am grateful for 'stalkers'

I've been reading blogs for about 10 years now, and writing mine for four.

There are over 300 blogs in my Reader, and I follow 303 people on Twitter. To put it simply, I'm sort of a Social Media addict enthusiast.

I'm a big fan of many blogs, but there are just a handful of "bigger" bloggers that I'd really love to meet in person. A few of the people on that list would be Heather at dooce, Ree at Pioneer Woman, Laura at Hollywood Housewife, and Darby at Fly Through Our Window. (And I'd also love to meet my two favorite design bloggers, Rene at Cottage & Vine and Emily at Emily A. Clark.)

In my mind, I have questions to ask each of them. I'd love to meet their families that I've read so much about and feel invested in, or learn more about their businesses that I find so interesting.

In my wildest dreams, I never would have thought that anyone would feel the same way about me, but a few people do. I get way more feedback on my posts and my random thoughts on Twitter than I do in the form of comments on my blog, and there are four women in particular who Tweet to me regularly, read my blog every day, and in general make me feel like I am their Pioneer Woman.

They jokingly have referred to themselves as my "stalkers," and honestly I find it hilarious. I mean, they are all just cute as BUTTONS.

Last weekend they all got together for a Girls' Weekend, and I got this Tweet Saturday evening:

I have to say, it made my weekend. I mean, PUH-LEEZE. They took a minute while they were shopping in Pier 1 to Tweet a picture to me.

Look at them! They're DARLING. And I'm honored that they -- and you -- keep coming back, and that you care about me, and my kids, and my stuff. I was tickled, when I didn't post yesterday, that I got three emails asking me if I was okay. (I was fine. This week was just kicking my butt.)

I love it when I get comments on posts like the most recent installment of "Uncomfortable Truths," in which Rachel said, "I love these. LOVE THEM. They make me feel almost normal." Because let's be honest. That's really my whole goal here: To make YOU feel more normal.

I know how long it takes to read blogs every day. I know how long it takes to leave a thoughtful comment, no matter how brief. And I know that you could easily quit coming around, or never take a moment to leave a comment, or never Tweet at me. So thank you for being a wonderful group of people with whom I can share all of my minutia, all of my uncomfortable truths.

You're the best.


CCB said...

ha! ha! i am one of your blogger stalkers too! :) i have hundreds in my feeder and i finally just moved my 'must reads' to the top... i moved 12, yours was one :) i am amazed at your stamina to blog so regularly and SO HILARIOUSLY on a regular basis... with Amelia you hardly skipped a beat and Lord knows it would have knocked most people completely off course! you are awesome! :))) with a great name too! spelled wrong, but still great! {i kid}

Jami said...

Wow, I feel like I hit the big time here. Like the cool kid in school likes me.
I know how much you cherish and value your friendships. Since two of us "stalkers" live 2 hours north of the other "stalkers", we knew you would appreciate the time we were taking for ourselves and each other. It was a great night!

Beth, Joshua, Isabella, McKinley and AnnaKate said...

I know Jami and she really IS a stalker. ;)

ginmommy said...

Oh wow! I'm famous now! I made it on Grass Stains blog, and for no less than being a stalker! ;) You know what's funny? We sit around and talk about you, and some other "big time" bloggers, and talk about them as though we KNOW them. It's quite ridiculous...."hey did you see Kelly, I felt to bad for her" or "I couldn't believe Grass Stains said that" also funny we actually refer to you as GRASS STAINS. If I ever do have the chance to meet you, be sure THAT is what I will call you! :) Thanks for the shout out friend!

stollison said...

Even though you're my sister, I think I could still be considered a stalker! Your blog is the first thing I read every single day. Makes me happy. Love you!

Tracey said...

Yes, we "jokingly" are your stalkers! {Nervous laugh.} Seriously, love the pic on your blog! :) It's almost as big as when you made it on the Today Show!!

Jaime Mac said...

I'm a fairly new reader...the stalkers in this post led me to you (after they came out from stalking me!)
Love your views on life & your humor! (The hemorrhoid story!!!) Thanks for making me laugh! :)

Shelby Baker said...

There's no denying that I am one of your stalkers. I think we need to just create one big ole' blog meet. I would love to meet you and Patrice! I seriously would feel like I was meeting celebs. No lie! :-) Yeah, let's get on that!

On the right path said...

I suppose a Male "stalker" such as myself is seen more as scary then anything else but what can I say, I cannot pass up a good read. Be it a family blog, the back of a baby wipe pack or proofing a housemates essay... If it has humor then I am drawn to it like a moth to a flame

Rachel said...

I love that I'm so far This pregnancy is kicking my butt. And every other part of me. But I love keeping up with you and your family.

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