Mar 6, 2012

Amelia's spring wardrobe

I recently shopped a consignment sale for some clothes for Amelia, and I ended up with a lot of great things. And as I was going through everything I had in boxes and in her closet for Spring, I realized that she only has about three outfits that I bought new ... everything else is consignment or was a gift. That's definitely a "first" for me!

I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you ...

I love the ruffles on this lavender gingham shirt/pants set ... we've established that I've developed a real thing for ruffles since I had Amelia, and this little outfit just makes me smile.

This outfit is so feminine and kind of dainty, but I'd still call it "play clothes." I think she's going to be a little doll in this one!

As a general rule, I never wore a lot of dresses once I could dress myself, and I figure that with three brothers to look up to, Amelia might end up the same way. So while I can put her in dresses, I probably will.

To me, clothes are one of those things that just aren't worth arguing over. Choose your battles, you know? That's why the boys routinely go to school looking like they got dressed by themselves in the dark. Because that's exactly what they did. And I've made my peace with it. But behold! Another cute dress for the one I still control:

Funny story from the consignment sale: As I checked out at the register, none of the tags on the clothes I'd chosen were "readable" on the scanner. The woman said, "This woman must have had trouble with her printer ... none of her tags are readable." I said, "Oh, you've been having this issue all day?" And she answered, "Not really, but all except two of the things you picked out are from the same consigner." HA! I guess some woman out there and I have almost identical taste.

I guess this little number could use an iron. Too bad it will never see one.

This outfit is handmade! My friend Lisa (not the one I always talk about, but a different one I've known since I was born) made it for me and delivered it a couple of weeks ago. Isn't it precious? RUFFLES.

This is one of the only outfits I bought myself ... it's from the Carter's outlet, and I think she's going to look 16 years old in that flowy top with the leggings. I will die.

And then finally, this one. It's a 6-month outfit, which is why I just pulled it out, and it's Winter instead of Spring. Luckily she was able to wear it yesterday, and I imagine she'll have a couple more chances to wear it before the weather turns permanently warm. I love me a hoodie.

You're not going to believe this, but I have two Rubbermaids of 6-9 month clothes that I need to go through. Our niece Kim and my friend Brandi sent a lot of things, and I need to open them up and pull things out. Perhaps more pictures coming soon!


ginmommy said...

Cuteness! Best part about having a little girl? Dressing her up, like your own personal baby doll. My daughter is 4, and I figure I only have 2, maybe 3 years tops left to dress her up.

I just did a big consignment sale here where I live. I made some decent money, and bought some great clothes too. I think it's the way to go!

Tracey said...

I adore dressing my little Maggie!!! So fun. I'm curious...are you a bow momma? You love ruffles, will you put her in bows too?

Jamie said...

If I had a girl, I would go nutjob crazy buying her clothes. Which is why I'll only have boys. Which is why I won't give birth.

Rachel said...

Aria loves dresses. She has three brothers and I think she like distinguishing herself from them. She like to twirl around and play dress up. Maybe Amelia will be a hold out and like dresses.

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