Feb 10, 2012

My 15 favorite TV shows of all time


Friday Night Lights



Gilmore Girls

Modern Family

Veronica Mars

Parks & Rec

The Good Wife



Arrested Development

The West Wing

Sports Night


Honorable mentions (that may rotate onto the list if any that are on it suddenly tank and rotate off eventually): Sex & the City, Cougar Town, Downton Abbey, Party of Five, My So-Called Life, Seinfeld, Cheers. What's on your list that wasn't on mine?


Robin said...

I know this is cheesy, but Facts of Life. I LOVED that show! I was also a huge fan of Life Goes On.

Martha said...

Oh how I love Sports Night! And arrested development and modern family. I'm not as good with the 60 minute shows - my attention span is too short!

Billie Dupree said...

I love "Modern Family" also. Another one for me, the original "Law & Order".(dunt dunt!) It was always the star who was the killer. You would know that in the beginning, but you still wanted to see how the story spin turned out.

Grape News said...

1-15 for me would be Friends! I've been sick this week; so went back and am watching the seasons. I finished 4 yesterday.

I do like other shows: NCIS (for LL Cool J), Person of Interest (just cuz it's really good; well Jim Caviezel too) I'm sure there are others. But Friends could take them all!

Jami said...

Ones I am in total agreement with you are Friday Night Lights, Lost, and Friends. Everwood and Gilmore Girls will get honorable mention. My other favorites are; 24, Survivor, CSI (Vegas only), Dexter, The Walking Dead, The Office, ER, and One Tree Hill. The OC get a mention only because I think it had a great ending.

stollison said...

The Wire, The Sopranos, Flight of the Conchords, Louis. Currently Downton Abbey. And I'm not ashamed to say I'm really enjoying Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. (Okay, maybe a little ashamed.)

Lauren said...

Totally in agreement with Friends, Modern Family, Gilmore Girls, Lost, Arrested Development, Parks and Rec and Felicity (oh Felicity!) I would have to add in The Office and 30 Rock and if you haven't gotten on the How I Met Your Mother train yet, YOU SHOULD. You would love it! You have to start at the beginning, though. It is so well written and builds through out the seasons.

Laura and family said...

Yeah, this will show how young I am... but the OC is definitely on my top 10 list. ;)

Pogue Mahone said...

I only watched Lost. The others we either don't get them here or I've never heard of them.

Plain Chicken said...

Not on your list:

Family Ties
Silver Spoons
Spin City
CSI (Vegas)
How I Met Your Mother
Two & a Half Men (with Charlie)
King of Queens
Everybody Loves Raymond

Plain Chicken said...

Had to come back - totally forgot Big Bang Theory!

stollison said...

Everwood is your favorite TV show ever?

Angie said...

I adore the Gilmore Girls!

Amanda said...

I actually bawled my eyes out when Gilmore Girls ended! I have ALL the Seasons! Love them

Rachel said...

I am such a fan of West Wing. I like Friends and Gilmore Girls too. One of my favorites that takes over all others is Survivor! I love that show. I like CSI:NY too. If you get a chance watch Big Bang Theory. It's hilarious and I think you would like it.

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