Feb 9, 2012

Things people say ... vol. 6

(You can see the first five of these posts here.)

Light bub. Yes, I'll happily replace that light bulb for you, once you reinsert the L in its proper place in the word. Thank you.

Rick Santorium. Now that this guy seems to be on a roll, I'm hearing his name more often. Sometimes people are nice enough to throw an I in his name that shouldn't be there. GAH.

Ashton Koochner. Now that all the hoopla of Two and a Half Men has died down, I was hearing his name less often. But then Demi went and headed off the deep end, and someone pronounced Ashton's name this way in a conversation last week. I could not handle it.

Impor-un. Personally, I prefer the word pronounced with the two Ts that God gave it, but that's just me.
Him and I. Well, we're knee-deep into the current season of The Bachelor, which means we're neck-deep in bad grammar. "Him and I have great chemistry." Shoot me now.

KAP-ree pants. As in the kind that cut off at about mid-calf. If "Him and I" didn't do me in, shoot me NOW.


Angie said...

NEVER come to Eastern, KY. You would go insane LOL.

anna said...

I die!! I love this stuff. I especially love when I am friends with someone on Facebook who HOMESCHOOLS and uses the following:
want = won't, as in "Want it be a beautiful day?" and the ever popular "I want be voting for Obama...."
Yelp = yep
through = threw, as in "Jacob through the first ball today".
Did I mention she is HOMESCHOOLING four children?
I also don't understand, and maybe it's a North Carolina thing, but so many people, when referring to their driver's license, use the plural of the word, as in, "I haven't seen my licenses, have you seen them?" It is one license to drive a car, unless you have a regular license and a CDL, but I digress. I also love when someone says granite for granted, as in "We take our health for granite." I could go on and on but I won't (want). Now I am paranoid I've messed this comment up grammatically :) If I have, please call me out!

anna said...

Oh - I forgot the best one ever! My mom works for a doctor and was reviewing a patient's paperwork last week. When she got to the spouse information section she was appalled to see the woman had written "Retard" under her husband's occupation. I mean, most men have their moments but that is just terrible to call him out like that and with that word. It wasn't until she spoke to the woman that she realized the woman meant "Retired"... Got to love the mountains of NC.

Sewconsult said...

I have a friend who in a teacher in a private Christian school. Her grammar is not the best. The one that angers (yes, angers because with a college degree, she should know better.) me most is: "She or he don't". When she first began the teaching job, she told me that she was required to present any note to a parent, to the principal, for approval. Content & grammar were checked. Can you imagine the time that it must have taken for the principal to check multiple notes! Perhaps it was only her parents' notes.
Wuhl, hunie, I dun got me an edumacation and I ain't talked liack that seence.
Bie yall.

Adam and Ashley Flenar said...

I'm going to start this off by saying that I'm terribly guilty of these things and I'm a little nervous to even comment because I know I'll be judged. Judge away and forgive my errors. I blame some of it on my parents.
I love them dearly but my dad says Sahara Mist instead of Sierra Mist. Yes, Sahara as in the desert. I am not making this up.
My mom says "rows" instead of rolls. I think it is exclusive to dinner rolls.
I have a friend that would say pellows instead of pillows and mil-lick instead of milk. I don't understand it either.
I say "ta" instead of "to" when talking quickly. I'm sure my husband could give you a long list of my mispronunciations but I'll leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

"him and I" .... that KILLS me!

Also, when people on facebook post a picture of themselves with a friend and put "Susie and I". Really???

I love The Bachelor. Well, the show...not necessarily Ben, haha.

Dad said...

The media, especially sportscasters, are terrible about this one: "He's better than me" instead of "He's better than I (am)." Drives me nuts, although I do it sometimes myself.

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