Jan 19, 2012

My future son-in-law

Okay, on the off-chance that Amelia doesn't marry one of Lisa's or Honor's kids, I have a back-up plan.

Right before I came back to work, I drove the kids over to Atlanta to see my friend Monica and her new son Luca for the day.

Monica and I met in 1987 and became fast friends. She's lived in Italy for the last few years, but we're lucky enough to get to see her pretty much every time she comes back to the States for a visit.

Monica's another friend with whom I have so much shared history ... she has the biggest heart of anyone I know, and she's raising two beautiful little boys. Scott is nine months older than Jake, and Luca is just a few months older than Amelia. He's such a happy baby!

Amelia fell for him, hook, line and sinker.

Mr. Happy!

Truth be told, she didn't always know what to make of Mr. Happy.

But she loved laying beside him and hanging out for hours.

He DID try to make some moves on her occasionally.

Got a little hands-y.

When we felt like the house was going to explode from the force of my kids' energy, we loaded them all up and went to a nearby park. Unfortunately, all three of the boys fell off the merry-go-round into a puddle of mud.

And then Jake tripped on his way to tell me about it and went head-first into another muddy spot.

Luckily he recovered quickly quickly.

Still, they were wet and cold, and I had to swing by Target to get them some dry pants on clearance so they could ride home in relative comfort.

I am happy to report that the mud came out of even the khakis, which I didn't have much hope for initially. A few mud stains wouldn't have been able to temper the happiness I felt at being able to meet Luca and hang out with Monica for the day, though.

Twenty-five year friendships for the win!

1 comment:

Angie said...

What sweet photos! I think your son-in-law is a very handsome fella. They look like a match made in heaven!!

Ha Ha- I had to laugh out loud at the boys and the mud. I have an 18 month old and he's all boy. He's always covered in mud. I guess boys will be boys :)

Glad you all had a good visit and good day!!!

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