Jan 18, 2012

20 years

2012 marks a special anniversary in my life, 20 years of friendship with Lisa and Honor. We met in the Spring semester of 1992, our freshman year in college.

When my parents were visiting us over Christmas, my dad remarked, "I wonder how many college roommates stay as close as the three of you have." I don't know for sure, but I think we might be the 1 percent in that respect.

We have been present for each others' most exciting and saddest moments. From crumbled romantic relationships, to college graduations, to weddings, to the births of our collective nine children, to shared vacations, and everything in between.

Our children love each other like cousins. And I love these women like sisters.

Lisa lives here in Birmingham, just a couple of miles from me. Honor lives in Chattanooga, two hours away.

They are the first people I call when I have news, good or bad.

When they hurt, I hurt. When they're happy, I'm happy.

I don't know how many people are as blessed as I am to have this sort of friendship. (Yes, that IS a bearded dragon meeting Amelia, below.)

I hope that most women are that lucky, to have more than one friend who "has your back" at all costs, the type of friend you can talk to every single day and not get bored.

The type of friend who snuggles with your kids like they're their own.

We try to get together every year several times, and 2011 might be the record-breaker since we all lived together back in the '90s.

We counted, and we think we were together nine times last year, sometimes with the rest of our families and sometimes without.

All I know is, these girls feel like "home."

They are my second family.

Twenty years. It's a long time.

But I hope for at least 50 more. Greedy? I hope not. I hope nine weddings are in our future ... the weddings of all these little people.

Ooh! Unless! Unless some of them marry each other. PERFECTION.


Rachel said...

A number of our nieces and nephews are adopted. We've contemplated who could marry who among the cousins. LOL. Glad to know we aren't the only ones.

Angie said...

Beautiful post & beautiful friendships. Feel very blessed girlie. Speaking for myself, friendships like that are not a dime a dozen. I don't have one single friend I'm that close with. You ladies are quite lucky to have each other :)

Lisa said...

You made me cry. And I saw that marriage comment coming a mile away. Our friendship is a very rare and special blessing.

Sewconsult said...

Congratulations on keeping the friendships alive! My college roommate of 1969-70 have been friends ever since. We have gone different paths (such different destinations), but still check on each other once a week, at least.

Jami said...

This is an incredibly sweet post. There are a few girls in my life I can only pray will still be there in 20 years.

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