Dec 20, 2011

The birthday sleepover

I know I already posted once today, but this was going to slip away if I didn't go ahead and blog about it now. It's really for our far-flung family and those of you who are obsessed with me. Everyone else can come back tomorrow.

This year Nathaniel decided instead of a large party, he'd rather have his best friend spend the night. FINE BY ME!

His friend Parker had never ridden the school bus home, so it was a big deal that he got to ride the bus to our house last Friday afternoon with Nathaniel and Nicholas. They were excited to "show him the ropes," and as they got off the bus, they ran breathlessly to the house to tell me how much fun it was to have Parker with them.

They played some foosball and some Wii, jumped on the trampoline, and ran all over the house like wild banshees. When they were done with all that, we went to Chick-fil-A for a celebratory supper.

Everyone got milkshakes for a special birthday treat. And OMG HAVE YOU HAD THE PEPPERMINT MILKSHAKE? It is excellent. I propose adding it to the menu year-round, Chick-fil-A.

Once we got back home, there was a little more Wii playing before time for bed.

Once we sent them all upstairs, Nathaniel, Parker and Nick all piled up in Nathaniel's bed to watch some videos on YouTube. (I know I haven't shown you Nathaniel's newly decorated room yet. But here's three-quarters of it. It's a small room. And I haven't "revealed" it yet because I'm not quite done.)

Saturday morning, Nathaniel opened his gifts before lunch.

He predominantly received gift cards, which was great for him. When you're a kid and you can't buy things on your own, gift cards are really, really exciting. Also if you're me and you can't buy things on your own, gift cards are really, really exciting.

He received some from Amazon, Toys R Us and Game Stop. All winners in his book.

After lunch, they ate the homemade birthday treat of vanilla ice cream in chocolate chip cookie bowls.

I bought a few toppings for them to add to the ice cream, although Parker opted to keep his "plain."

The cookie bowls were really easy to make, and they were a big hit with the kids. I'll post instructions for them later this week.

This was easily our least expensive birthday celebration of the kids' lifetimes, and probably one of Nathaniel's favorites. Perhaps we've started a new tradition!


RLR said...

First - from the tiny glimpse I can see - I love your kitchen. Second - simple parties are the best! For the past two years, we have taken J and a few friends to the movies and then out to eat afterwards. We did a small, at-home tea party for M last summer. Loved having "party foods" and fresh flowers for a few little girls!

stollison said...

I LOVED this post. Can't wait to see you guys on Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And I hate exclamation points, that's how excited I am.)

Jami said...

I think we need a full blown tour of your home, it all looks beautiful. Jake and his hair, or lack thereof, A-Dorable!

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this post is full of happiness!:D

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