Dec 21, 2011

Amelia smiles

I don't think I mentioned it here (but I could be wrong, because I forget 92 percent of everything), but our pediatrician was concerned when, at Amelia's 8-week appointment, she wasn't smiling yet.

She mentioned a couple of possible reasons for that, one of which was possible attachment issues. Infants can have a hard time "attaching" to people when they're separated from them early on for some reason. Well, let me just tell you, that made me feel like a DOG.

Although it wasn't my fault that she and I were separated for most of her first two weeks of life, it was our reality. So over the past two weeks, I've been trying mercilessly to get her to smile.

Most of the time, she just sits around content with a sweet little smirk on her face.

She'll sit for an hour, just looking around and being content. (I know. We're blessed.)

Sometimes she'll get a little puzzled look, like something concerns her.

And her little brow will stay furrowed for about 10 minutes. I love it.

Some of the noises or faces that I made over the last couple of weeks made her recoil (to the extent that she can) and widen her eyes in surprise.

And sometimes I'd get close to a real smile, but no dice.

Then I might get a wider closed-mouth smile ...

But then she'd sink back into her pleasant resting face.

Then she'd give me a little sideways smile to let me know she was just kidding with me ... trying to make me work REALLY hard for it.

To get her back, I'd make a really loud zerbert sound with my lips. SURPRISE, BABY!


But on one particular day, I tried really, really hard.

And she could resist me no longer.

My silly faces and high-pitched voices were working.

Finally! Almost there!



Laura and family said...

She's adorable! Love her smirk and her big grin :) Best feeling in the world to have your baby smile at you.

Claire didn't smile regularly until about 10 weeks. I've never heard of a pediatrician being concerned at 8 weeks actually. At 12 or 16 weeks, yeah, but not 8. Interesting!

Leslie said...

I thought 8 weeks was early to be concerned as well.

But, concerned or not, what a smile! Oh so worth the wait! Thanks for sharing it. Made me smile, too.

Martha said...

She just wasn't feeling smile-y, that's all! She's a lady who does things on her own time. A very good quality in a little girl (and in a fourth child!).

She's my kind of gal!

Katie said...

She is so precious! And I see a trademark Hilton dimples on her sweet little cheek!

Katie said...

She is so precious! And I see a trademark Hilton dimples on her sweet little cheek!

Catie said...

Ahh..those pictures made me smile :)

stollison said...

Cannot get enough.

Anonymous said...

Soooo cute!! I always thought around 8 weeks is when one could expect smiles to start appearing. Not already be a mastered art.
Is that a dimple??? How sweet is that. She is a little heart breaker :)

Sewconsult said...

She is just so stinking cute! Such a precious baby. Years ago, I kept my 10 month old niece for a week while her parents took her big brother to Disney World. Well in that one short week, she didn't want to have anything to do with her dad when they came to pick her up. He got very upset and just grabbed her up and took her to the car. I am sure that in less than an hour, she knew that she was with the right parents, but I sure as heck thought I was going to be keeping that baby. (I have a special bond with my sister's kids, to this day!)

Maureen said...

God Bless! Love this post. Just love it. Those smiles are just the best.

Rachel said...

lol. She's concerned because every time she looks at mommy there's this big thing in front of her face making clicking noises.

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