Nov 18, 2011

On the kids' Christmas lists

Every year when I see pictures of our nieces and nephews opening their Christmas gifts, I always see a few in their piles that I wish I'd thought of for our boys.

Therefore, I thought I'd post some things that are on our boys' wishlists for you all, and in the Comments I'd love it if you'd leave ideas for me to consider.

I will say this: I am OVER the toys that come in a million pieces. Our kids are still learning to clean up after themselves -- meaning, I do it a lot of the time and they do it only after I've asked 20 times.

But here are some of the things our kids may or may not be getting this year:

Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick, $39.99 at Amazon

Harry Potter boxed set, all 7 books in hardcover, $114.72 at Amazon

The Strange Case of Origami Yoda, $9.70 at Amazon

Big Nate and Friends, $9.99 at Amazon

 Melissa and Doug, 60-piece block set, $48.78 at Amazon

Megamind on DVD, $12.49 at Amazon

Cars 2 on DVD, $15.49 at Amazon

Tangled on DVD, $15.49 at Amazon

Toy Story 3 on DVD, $15.49 at Amazon
Tech Deck Skate Shop skateboard variety pack, $24.75 at Amazon
Star Wars Clone Wars Grievous Spinning Lightsaber, $34.99 at Amazon

Apple 8GB iPod Touch, $189.98 at Amazon

Hopefully that helps you as you make your list for your kids ... if you have any ideas for me, please share!

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Laura and family said...

Your boys are all older than Gabe, so I don't have any boy suggestions. However, I thought I'd leave you a couple of the 'hits' from having a girl. Clearly Amelia is too young right now but I'm sure it doesn't help to have ideas for the future.

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Learning Home

Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set

Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Walk Along Stroller

Apparently I could've also titled this "the Fisher Price List." The house came on a recommendation to us from a few families with girls and the stroller was the only stroller I could find that wasn't so flimsy that Gabe would destroy it/break it by sitting on it/etc. Hope this gives you some ideas!

Kimberly said...

Origami Yoda has a sequel, Darth Paper. Grant loved both. Will is loving his Spy Gear Night Vision Goggles.

Rachel said...

Good ideas. My boys are really getting excited about lego sets and are pretty good about keeping them picked up too.

Martha said...

I too am so sick of the 1000piece presents! My mother just called to see if Josie would like some toy that includes a magnet board and 950 word magnets! 950!! I asked if that gift included my mom to clean it up every two weeks before the cleaning lady came to vacuum!

I'm going to read through all your comments - Henry is 11 and this is the first year his list hasn't consisted of lego kits. I'm going to have to work a little harder for ideas for him this year!

Good luck!

Carrie said...

I try to limit our Christmas items list but this year I keep thinking of things, have not acted upon them, but it is so much easier to get things for my 4 year old it seems. The baby, I have no idea. She has the toys her sister used. So I actually have had my 4 year old pick a special toddler toy out of one of the boxes we have on rotation and we wrapped that. We are getting other things but I was proud of myself for that idea!
My 4 year old loves audio books and she is now into chapter books. The only thing is that I prefer chapter books from the library as she wants to hear them over and over again. That was okay with the the children's picture books but I do not want to read the Magic tree house or Cam Jansen more then once!!

tarheelmom said...

I'm guessing your boys might be too old, but my boys 2 & 4 (and girls 7 & 1) LOVE FOAM BUILDING BLOCKS. Here are the reasons...they don't slide off as easy as wooden, they are more colorful, and best of all...they make NO noise when they fall or when they throw them in a bucket to clean up. I recommend 2-3 sets!

Sewconsult said...

I usually set a budget for price per child. It's hard to stick to that sometimes. but it kept us from going broke. Good luck with your decisions. Glad that my daughters way past that age.
Beckie in Brentwood, TN

Jami said...

I also recommend the Fisher Price house as Amelia gets older. We got it for out 4 year old when he turned one. We got so much use out of it. My in laws eventually stored it for us, when we moved about 5 months ago we got it back and my 14 month old loves it! Money well spent!

We are going for the Step 2 prepare and share kitchen this year. I had read a review that the brown would be discontinued, I don't mind buying a kitchen for my boys but I draw the line at a pink one. I went ahead and purchased it, now it seems Walmart has it for $30 off on Black Friday.

Cooper, who turns 4 tomorrow, is also getting a Firsr Act Discovery drum set. I think I've lost my mind.

Amanda said...

My seven year old brother LOVES Lego's so I got him the Lego Ninjago Board game.

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