Sep 1, 2011


When we got home from our night away at Ross Bridge, I jumped in the shower to get cleaned up for the Cub Scout popsicle party.

When I came out of our bedroom, I noticed that the door to Amelia's room was closed. I opened it and found this scene:

The eagle-eyed among you will notice some of the as-yet-unshared details of her redecorated room (curtains, bright-white board-and-batten wall treatment, BRAND-NEW GREEN RUG COVERED IN BABY POWDER).

And he hadn't stopped there. He'd also shaken it all over the inside of the drawer from whence the baby powder had come.

I was fit to be tied. I did what some might call "raise my voice." And what SOME might call "yell at the top of my lungs."

Tomato, to-mah-toh.

It was abundantly clear that Jake was the culprit.

I have no idea what possessed him to do it, other than curiosity and the fact that it seemed fun at the time. Oh, and he ALSO peed on the gliding rocker in the corner of the room, which ran into the carpet. He's never done anything like either of these two things before, not even as a much younger baby.

He says it has nothing to do with Amelia. We'll see.

For now, I was able to clean up the mess, and the room just smells a whole lot like a really clean baby's bottom. There are worse things, I suppose.


ginmommy said...

Oh my stars, that first picture of Jake is just pitiful. I would have been beside myself with anger, but I bet one day you look back and smile. :-)

Robin said...

Awwwwww, Mama, how could you mad at that precious little face? LOL I'm sure I would have lost it and yelled a little too!

Rachel said...

Wow! Oh my!! How pitiful and oh how angry I would have been. I still get mad when my kids pull stunts like this. And, love the curtains.

Jami said...

You will find this funny one day, I promise!!!

jennhenders said...

If it wasn't so obvious who did it from the powder covering him as well as the room, the "I am SO guilty" look on his face would've surely given him away. Sorry but I just guffawed loudly at this post. I am still giggling in fact. He's just marking his territory, Mom. Don't forget. He was here FIRST. Next time it might be the baby herself covered in powder. Lest she forget as well. :) Love you, Kat. Hang in there.

Sewconsult said...

I am not sure how absolutely crazed I would have been at the moment of the door opening. I think the drawer filled with powder would have sent me over the edge. So sorry that you had to face that when you were in a hurry AND tired. It's called Motherhood!

Emily A. Clark said...

Nice. So glad I'm not the only one who has these moments.. . . If you could only meet my youngest.

Cool rug, btw :)

Nanny said...

my niece climbed on the TOP of the chest of drawers with the largest container of powder. the ceiling fan was on. Looked like a blizzard. I think I heard the screetch all the way over here. If I remember she got into a little trouble over this. Her Dad apoligized to his Mom since everyone said the little one was just like him.

RLR said...

Oh, my! I have never been able to take photos of the 'scene of the crime' - although it would've been pretty cool to get one of my J the day he decided to buzz the center front of his head and then act like nothing happened. (It was the Saturday evening before Mother's Day, and I was nearly in tears - from shock/sadness.) Also, I am sure I would have lost my temper - especially over the powder in. the. drawer.
By the way - love the curtains and rug! Can't wait to see how the nursery has come together!

PatC. said...

When my oldest daughter was around 2 (about 25 years ago). She proudly came out of the playroom with a bottle of babypowder in her hand and proclaimed "I dusted Mama!" She sure did. Thanks for the memory and you too will add this to the story of Jake as years unfold.

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