Aug 17, 2011

Monday was the first day of school, but first I had to write about hemorrhoids, and then about ice cream

Only a year ago, they were wearing adorable shirts, waiting for the bus.

Fast-forward to this week, and they're wearing shirts (and sporting hairstyles) of their own choosing.

It's a crying shame that we own no hairbrushes.

This was the first year that I didn't even ask to pick out their clothes. Or brush their hair. Not that either of those things is apparent or anything.

I didn't argue when they wanted to take Oreo Pop-Tarts in the car, even though they were heading straight to breakfast.

I didn't ask for too many pictures.

Just one of each of them, for their scrapbooks.

And I didn't ask for a hug goodbye ... or even for them to acknowledge me at all as they got out of the car.

I didn't make a big deal out of it as they trudged up the sidewalk toward the front doors ...

And I didn't expect them to look backward as they walked through them.

I must be growing up.


Wade's World said...

Having just taken Jackson to his first day of kindergarten yesterday, this just about broke my heart. I know I'm not far from this, and it just seems like the older Jackson gets, the faster time goes.

I hope the boys first few days back went great!

Rachel said...

Wow! What a good mom. Did they say anything about you picking out their clothes? Andrew wears a uniform this year and it's so nice cause he doesn't care what I lay out.

stollison said...

Adorbs. They grew up a lot this year! And Nick practically has Bieber hair!

Erin said...

You know it's rude to make me cry before breakfast, right?

ginmommy said...

Mmmmm k. Could I be more sad right now? My children are 6 and 4, and they still let me act like a fool with them. You're a great mom.

Sewconsult said...

It didn't bother me when my girls started school, but I came home and cried when each one started high school. Just you wait!

Jamie said...

Best part of this post? That I now know Oreo Pop-Tarts exist.

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