Aug 16, 2011

I hope you're not on a diet

I heard about this:

From Paige at:

And now I feel like my life is complete.

Caramel ice cream with little caramel bits and A RIBBON OF CARAMEL WITH SEA SALT RUNNING THROUGH IT. I have met my destiny.

And I'm certainly not gonna discount the possibility that it's doing as much for my hemmies as the Lortab is.


Sewconsult said...

DIet be damned!

trishandwade said...

Going to Publix as soon as I get off work. Oh my goodness.

Rachel said...

Ummm... hello???? is this thing on?? NOT FAIR!!! Can't get that here and now I really want some. I adore caramel in all it's forms!

RLR said...

GAH! No Publix here!!! It used to be my favorite grocery store. Although it was a little out of my price range back then, I'd have made a special trip for that ice cream!!!

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