Jul 13, 2011

Uncomfortable truths, vol. 16

1. Words with Friends makes me feel like Pavlov's Dog. When I hear that chime alerting me that it's my turn to play a word, I want to stop whatever I'm doing and play RIGHT. THAT. SECOND. This is why I have to turn my phone to Silent while I'm at work. Otherwise I'd be totally distracted all day.

2. I know that restroom stalls don't actually LOOK like this, but this is how I FEEL like they look when I'm in them:

3. When I went to wash my face on our last morning at the beach, all of our linens had been loaded into the van. So I was left with just tap water and my hands. You know how those Dove ads have women splashing water onto their faces and then lathering up -- and it works? Well. I tried that. Water ran down my arms into my armpits. AND my eyes still felt glued shut after I was done. Personal hygiene FAIL.

4. You may have seen me Tweet this, but a few weeks ago when I passed my glucose tolerance test, I celebrated by having two raspberry frosted Pop-Tarts and a Coke Classic for breakfast a few days later.

5.  I gained three pounds while we were at the beach. "At the beach" = just six days, sports fans. While that is the LEAST I've ever gained during that week of glorious over-eating delicious meals prepared by other hands, it accounts for one-third of my total weight gain in this pregnancy. I'm sure there's something wrong with that, but I'm gonna ignore it because the food was so. darn. fabulous.


Sewconsult said...

1. I'm that way when I play Scrabble.
2. Why have doors.
3. EXACTLY! Been there, done that!
4. Congrats on passing the test! When I had knee replacement surgery 4 yrs ago, the anesthesiologist was reading my chart. He looked at me, then back at the chart. "wow, your in great shape". And I said, "yea, for a fat lady!". I guess he expected for someone who weighs as much as I do, the all the pre-surgery tests would be baaaad.
5.I can gain 3 lbs just by looking at food.

Amanda said...

Whats your WWF game? I am officially OBSESSED with it!! And none of my friends share my obsession

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