Jul 12, 2011

Cars 2: An informal review

On Sunday afternoon after we'd handled most of the unpacking/laundry from the beach, we took the boys to see Cars 2. All three of them have Cars 2 T-shirts, but only two of them wanted to wear theirs.

There was a lot of anticipation as we waited for the movie to begin. Luckily there were several trailers for upcoming movies that they want to see.

Jake perked up when the trailer for The Smurfs came on ... he hasn't seen the TV show, but he thinks the movie looks great!

Nicholas was most excited by the prospect of Spy Kids 4, which I have to admit looked like it will be pretty cute.

After we enjoyed the really cute Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation short film, it was time for the main attraction.

The opening sequence was full of vehicles we'd never seen before. Jake was anxious to see some of our old favorites, but the first couple of scenes are all setups for the movie's plot, which is a spy caper. Finally we were treated to our first sight of Mater!

I'd read one parent's review that the movie was "violent" and "full of guns." I wouldn't characterize it that way, but it's definitely not the buddy flick that the original Cars was. Also, we are a family that is firmly entrenched in Star Wars, and even our 3-year-old can quote it chapter and verse. So I won't be the one to categorize THIS film as "violent."

However, there was a VERY not-so-subtle environmental message that played out by pitting Big Oil against Bio Fuel. I'm guessing that particular message was intended for adult viewers, because it's not something our boys picked up on, at least not in the political or environmental sense.

They just enjoyed the cars they've grown to know and love.

The trailers began at 12:50 and the movie didn't end until 4:15, so it was kind of a long time for Jake to remain engaged. For the last 30 minutes, he was in and out of his seat, just kind of restless. About 10 minutes before the credits rolled, he asked for my iPhone. I think they'd lost him at that point.

On the way out of the theatre, the boys talked again about how much they're looking forward to The Smurfs, which pleases me to no end because 1) It was one of my favorite shows growing up, and 2) I love Neil Patrick Harris. Doogie's in it!

Once we got outside, I asked who liked the movie:

Really? I asked again:

So it got three thumbs up from our crew, but I'd say it was a little long and the plot a little sophisticated for young children.


Jenny said...

I'm with you. The only thing that saved us was that Mater was kind of the main focus-my C loves him some Mater!

ginmommy said...

We took our children. I was very disappointed!! My kids said they liked it, but they were very restless, overall we would give it a thumbs down.

Sewconsult said...

Sounds like the director/producer never had children. Way too long for little ones to sit still. Too bad. I think the idea of the cars & trucks being characters is great.

Carrie said...

Funny, Wall-E had quite the environmental message too. I have not seen the movie and as I can not sit through most movies, some adult onset ADHD/ children have yet to give me a decent nights sleep in 4 years condition, I will see it on DVD. We are going to try the new Winnie the Pooh movie I think.

Carry Grace said...

I hated the environmental twist! I get so mad when they try to sneak that crap in on kid shows/movies.

One of my Hobby Blogs said...

yeah I can't wait to see it, my 3.5yo saw it, and he got 30mins of trailers too, which pretty much deflated him, nan & pa said he wanted to leave 30mins into - took too long to get going! My friend said it was too much for adults (which I love, but I can see my kids may not), we'll see! Love their t-shirts!!!

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