Jun 2, 2011

June 2 is an exceptionally bad day for thinking of clever blog post titles

So night before last, I had a migraine and couldn't blog ... I spent the whole evening in bed. And then last night So You Think You Can Dance auditions were on, and you don't mess with SYTYCD nights. You just don't.

But I was like, "Can I go another day without a post?" And this was how I pictured your faces when you clicked over this morning to find nothing, again:

(I KNOW. Cutest coffee of all time, right?)

I DO have some original content about my family coming up, just as soon as I have a chance to look at some more pictures I took over the weekend. Because the weekend didn't end on Sunday at the ballpark ... noooo, it didn't. We still had Monday yet to go. But since I haven't gotten to weed through them yet, they will have to wait another day.

My friend Walt recently said, as I was lamenting how much I'd relied on outside content lately, "Don't worry about it. I really like when you share what you've found elsewhere." I really appreciated that, because time is precious and energy is scarce these days. And I promise I will eventually get back to you with some pictures of my boys, who so many of you kindly want to sop up with a biscuit, just like I do.

For today, though, please allow me to leave you with a couple of notes from other people's kids that cracked me up. This first one (via Passive Aggressive Notes) was written by a little girl who was asked to write an acrostic about her sister, meaning she took each letter in the word "sister" and assigned an attribute to it.

That, my friends, is nothing short of brutally honest. And hilarious. And eerily similar to one I could have written for my sister when we were 7 and 10. N'est-ce pas, Sarah Ellen?

The second one is almost word-for-word what Nathaniel would write if he were writing to the Tooth Fairy:

And then there's just one more thing I wanted to mention. In answer to questions from several of you -- as well as from almost everyone I know in real life -- no, we still don't have a name for our baby girl. We're not keeping it a secret ... we just haven't agreed on a name yet. So when I saw this on Parents Shouldn't Text, I thought it was hilarious:

Because Grayson is known for his name suggestions which have a snowball's chance in he** of ever being used on any of our children. Ignatio? Dagny? Tariq? No. I'm not kidding. He's suggested all of those.



Jenny said...

You crack me up!

Rachel said...

You are too funny! By the way, Rachel is a lovely girls name. I'm just sayin'.

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