May 31, 2011

Ironic, because I consider myself to be lazy

The past four days comprised the busiest weekend I can recall.

Friday night after work I went to my friend Bonnie's house to crop (not farm; scrapbook) from 6:30 to midnight.

Saturday morning we went to Alabama Adventure (the waterpark) and stayed from 10:30 to 4:00, and I didn't take my camera this time. I figured since we'd all just seen identical pictures from last weekend, there wouldn't be any need for it this time. You are so very welcome.

Saturday night at 7:00, Grayson and I headed to a local resort for my friend Melanie's birthday dinner, which was so much fun! We didn't get home until almost midnight, and then Sunday morning I went back out there for a pedicure with Melanie ... her birthday gift to me! (Our birthdays are only a week apart.) Ohhhhhh, it was MARVELOUS. I only get pedicures like biannually, so it was a total treat-and-a-half.

Nathaniel had asked on Saturday about the SEC championship baseball game, which was to be played on Sunday afternoon near our house. And although I'd planned for Sunday to be low-key and an "at home day" in the middle of our busy weekend, I hated to say no.

Grayson and Nicholas opted out, in favor of seeing Thor at the movie theater, but Jake, Nathaniel and I headed over to the ballpark for the big game at 2:00. The two teams in the championship game were the University of Florida and Vanderbilt. Nathaniel said, "I wanted to cheer for Florida because that's where Disney World is."

Alrighty then.

We saw many, many out-of-state plates as we made our way to the ballpark ... which is less than five miles from our house.

There was much anticipation as we headed through the gate.

The game had just gotten under way when we arrived. It was a gorgeous day without a cloud in the sky ... although it was SCORCHING HOT.

 It went up to 94 degrees and we were sitting in the sun, so of course Sno Cones were mandatory.

There was a great crowd, considering that it was two out-of-state teams. The announcer said there were 7,865 fans there.

I wasn't terribly surprised by how intently Nathaniel paid attention to the game, but I was surprised by how into it Jake was.

Florida, "our team," took an early 2-0 lead and held it for the whole game.

 Some plays required a lowering of one's glasses in order to properly assess the situation.

Other plays required vacating one's seat in order to get closer to the action.

To my amateurish eyes, the college pitchers seemed to be pitching as fast as the major league pitchers do.

Between every other inning or so, they announced local families of veterans who lost their lives in our current war. Below are two families who lost sons/brothers within the last year.

The entire stadium stood and applauded them.

 We also sang God Bless America in their honor. Do I even need to mention that I teared up?

Back to the game, Florida scored a couple more runs. I never did understand why Vanderbilt was wearing navy and red uniforms, because I think their colors are black and gold.

We also took time between innings to recognize living vets who are from our area. One was an amputee who appeared to be in his early 20s. He had artificial legs and an artificial arm, and again he received a heartfelt standing ovation.

'Round about the sixth inning, we moved onto snack number two, Dippin' Dots. I moved onto my second 16-ounce bottle of water. I was PARCHED.

Dippin' Dots are well-loved by our boys, but I don't personally understand it. I think they're kind of icky.

Ultimately Vanderbilt walked in a few more runs for Florida, and then they didn't make up the difference in the top of the 8th when they were up to bat, so Florida took the title!

 All of their players ran onto the field, and there was a lot of celebrating.

Even though it was a long, hot afternoon, it was totally worth the effort to be there. Nathaniel had a great time and was so pumped that "his team" won!

 Both sides were great sports.

It was fun for Nathaniel to see that even at the college level, it was basically just a larger-scale version of what he experienced during his own baseball season and championship win this Spring.

He and Jake even shared a similar post-game hug!

We stayed until the very end.

So much fun!


Aspiemom said...

Too hot for me! I'm in Ga and I'm staying inside in the a/c.

That first side shot of Jake is just priceless with him in his sunglasses and the residue of his snow cone on his mouth!

Sewconsult said...

Disappointed that Vandy didn't win. I saw a glimpse of a Vera Bradley bag, I have several. I ordered my first last year for my birthday. Now I am hooked, but try to buy ones on sale through their web site. My birthday was on Sunday, so I, too, am a Gemini. A belated happy birthday to you and a thumbs up on Vera!

Mandy said...

As a University of Florida graduate, I appreciate you rooting for the Gators! Glad you had a good time.

Lee Anne said...

Ok, so gotta say hello to another SEC Fan...Roll Tide Roll :-)
Hope you guys had fun. I've been watching the Bama girls play softball and of course Florida is doing well too. Have a great week!

jenlar3 said...

I have been trying to figure out if there is any difference between being lazy and being a procrastinator. What do you think?

Rachel said...

Oh my word! Get a spoon! Cause I could just eat Jake up. Goodness he's adorable. And those are my thoughts on baseball.

Rachel said...

I can't believe they lasted the whole game! "Real" baseball games are SO. LONG.

Ali loves Dippin' Dots too - but if you let that rainbow version melt, it turns into a nasty car oil mess.

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