Jun 7, 2011

It was fine, and then everything changed. HAWT.

Last night about 10 minutes after I left the office, I was driving down the highway when BOOM. (Not literally BOOM, but figuratively BOOM.) The air conditioning went out.

It was so sudden and so shocking -- because it was 100 degrees outside and that air immediately started feeding through the vents -- that I thought the car was blowing up. Sirrusly.

I rolled the windows down and continued on to pick the big boys up from daycare so that we could go on to swim lessons. It was only 15 minutes farther to school, but by the time I got there, I felt like I was going to pass out. I'm hot-natured anyway, and pregnancy only magnifies my discomfort in extreme heat.


The poor boys didn't have it any easier when they got in the back seat, and they suffered all the way to swim lessons. Their lessons were in the indoor pool, and I kept stomping my feet because I thought a fly was landing on my toes. No, it was just the sweat running down my legs and pooling between my toes. YOU. GUYS.

After their lessons, we got back in The Toaster I Call a Car, and we toasted ourselves all the way home. When we got in the kitchen, we hung out with Grayson and Jake for a bit, and eventually I said, "Huh. Something stinks and it's making me feel sick." Then I kind of bent down and sniffed my arm.


I said to Grayson, "Blech. I think it might be ME."

And Grayson, who was standing 10 feet away from me, said, "It IS you."

Well. We all need someone who will speak truth into our lives, don't we. I BELIEVE I'VE FOUND MY KNIGHT IN SHINING CANDOR.


Martha said...

Ah. Husbands... they always say the nicest things! My husband told me that I "had entered the Elephant Phase" when I hit month 7 of my last pregnancy. I almost killed him!

Tamar SB said...

Oy!! We had our car's A/C go out one summer on a rare for NJ day were it was in the 90s and we were on the highway driving to my grandma's funeral - so 4 people in a car in black! Hope it gets fixed soon!

ginmommy said...

You know how they say that violent crimes are higher during summer months? I totally get it. I am driving around in a van, in 94 degree temps, without air. Enough to cause murderous thoughts!! Hope you manage to get yours fixed FAST, especially since you are preggars!!!

Karena said...

They just always say the right things, NOT!! The car AC is okay/ something is amiss with the condo AC though, yuk!

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Rachel said...

GAH! No air??? How do you live?? Oh wait...that was us for 3 years! The air in the van went out and it was going to cost $1700 for a van that's almost 200,000 miles we weren't going to pay that. So we sweated, and sweated, and sweated just a little more. Now I have my pretty Expedition...and yes it has air. We still have the van and hubby drives it to work. I refuse. It has developed a S E R I O U S funk! And I know what. 6 people. 3 summers. No air. = stinky!

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