Jun 8, 2011

Girl stuff! Girl stuff!

My friends Laura and Meg have shared this pregnancy with me, since they're both expecting, too. Actually, Laura just had her sixth baby yesterday!

Our mutual friends (our Bunko group) threw a joint shower for us a few weeks ago, and it was a lot of fun. It was SURREAL to open girly stuff! When I originally mentioned the shower (I think I Tweeted something about it), several people asked to see some of the gifts I received ... this isn't comprehensive coverage, but here are pictures of many of the outfits I opened that night.

This one is from one of my favorite catalogs, Hanna Andersson. The boys wore lots of Hannas when they were little. (And they're having a 50%-off sale right now!)

I love the colors in this outfit ... it's from my friend Lisa, and she bought the top and leggings at two different stores. Would you have guessed? (I had no idea.)

You can't tell from this picture, but this outfit, top and pants combined, is about 12 inches long. When I opened it, I thought it must be a preemie outfit! It's not ... it's newborn, but our babies have been 7-4, 8-3 and 8-6, so I'm not too familiar with little tiny babies!

Since we don't have a name yet, my friend Holli gave us a bib monogrammed with H for our last name. Her first personalized item! Cute, practical, and I love the color combination.

This next set is just too cute for words. Here's the front ...

... and here's the back! I. die.

Apparently several of my friends have me pegged as a polka dot slut. They are correct.

It carried over to the blankets. I have about 85 blankets. Do you know how many of them have pink on them? None. Until these.

I mentioned opening ruffled things sometime, and this is an example. Ordinarily this might strike me as too feminine for my taste, but for some reason I think this is just adorable. AND it has matching bloomers.

And speaking of ruffles:


Here's a close-up in case you missed them. On her bottom.

It's a whole new world! Can't wait to see our sweet baby in these clothes!


Mandy's Memories said...

Wait a minute? Did I miss something? Is it a girl? I don't remember you finding out

megan said...

I know all about big babies. My son was 10lbs 12.8oz and 24 inches long and my daughter (two weeks early) was 9lbs 1oz. I had to return all of the newborn things when my son was was born! I can't wait for baby pictures!

RLR said...

Yay - finally reading one a computer instead of my phone so I can COMMENT!

Love the pink! It was so much fun for me to have a girl after my boy - so I know it must be especially fun for you!!!

brightleigh said...

Cute Cute stuff! Hannah has that Carters ensemble with the flower on the butt of the pants. It is so cute, I think she got to wear it twice because it was newborn! Girl stuff is so cute...I thought I would not be frou frou, but I am really getting caught up in all the different prints for girls...and I love polka dots too!

Rachel said...

Lol! I didn't use to like pink. Then I had a girl. Now I love little pink baby clothes and oh. the. ruffles! :)

Rachel said...

Isn't girl stuff awesome?? So fun! You got some cute stuff!!

Green Door Girl said...

Is it sad that I still want to look at all the baby girl stuff??? Don't get me wrong the baby boy stuff is cute, but OMIGOSH those pola-dots and Hanna and the Zutano outfit - TDF :) Congrats on the great items - love them!

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