May 19, 2011

What a way to end the season!

I didn't write much about this baseball season, but REST ASSURED, we were out at the ballpark four to six evenings a week all Spring long.

Nathaniel really grew as a player this year, as did the other boys on his team, and it paid off in the form of making it to the 8-year-old championship game last Saturday!

At the beginning of the game, the team lined up facing the bleachers while the players' names were announced. (That's Nathaniel on the far right.)

We were definitely a proud quartet sitting in the stands as Nathaniel's name was bellowed over the PA system.

What you just saw there were lips that had been assaulted by the deadly combination of blue Powerade and a red Ringpop.

It was not as visible in his profile, which I think we can all agree is the cutest profile Of All Time.

Showing off the Ringpop:

Several times during the game, Coach Mike gathered the team for a pep-talk. Although we were ahead from the second inning on, he wanted to keep the boys pumped up. (We've been known to give up huge leads in our time.)

A quick peek into the dugout, where Nathaniel was helmeted up, awaiting his turn to bat ... but totally engaged in what was happening on the field at the time.

Nathaniel batted in every inning and got a hit every time but once, I think.

He played a great game. 

We have the most supportive, vocal parents (Grayson would call them "crazy") of any team I've experienced. They love the game, and they love to cheer. Loudly.

This game in particular wasn't a nailbiter, as we were ahead by several runs going into the sixth (and last) inning. But it was SO exciting (if I weren't a huge opponent of over-formatting, I'd add lots of Os, bold, italicize and underline that word!) to get to the last out and see the boys totally freak out over the end result.


There was much rejoicing!

The boys were positively euphoric, and it was adorable.

There were high-fives and pile-ups.

And hugs from proud siblings. OH MY THE HUGS.

Jake understood that it was the last game of the season, and even though he didn't understand what "championship" meant, he knew it was Big.

He shared in Nathaniel's joy so completely ... I was beyond touched.

Before the boys congratulated the opposing team (who were great sports, by the way), Coach Mike pulled them together for a congratulatory speech.

Of course we had to grab the obligatory team picture near home plate ...

And then Coach asked for one at the scoreboard.

As if THAT weren't enough excitement, our team party immediately followed the game. Our team mom got a cute cookie cake to help celebrate.

Did I mention that it was unseasonably cold on Saturday? WELL IT WAS. The high was about 73, but the low was in the 40s. It hovered somewhere in the high 50s while we were having our POOL PARTY, so the water and air were plenty chilly.

Did all the kids get in the water? Oh yes they did. Did their lips all turn blue and did their teeth chatter? Oh yes they did. And they couldn't have been happier.

Here is a picture of my frozen child as he accepted his trophy:

I'm so proud of Nathaniel and all of the other Braves for a terrific season. GO BRAVES!


Tamar SB said...

Way to go Braves! They look like the pro's the way some have necklaces on! What a way to end the season!

stollison said...

That is awesome, the pictures of Nathaniel and Jake may be my favorite ever, and you're right, Nathaniel looks like an upright cadaver in that last picture. SO FUNNY.

Sewconsult said...

I think you should call your family the DIMPLES GANG!
Congrats to the Braves. There's one kid who must be the coach's kid. Big kid, bigger coach.

If you haven't picked out a girl's name, you should consider "Dimples". Mother has a friend named that. Very nice lady and she did have pretty dimples!

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