May 2, 2011

Vote for Patrice!

Sometime recently a blog reader (Hi, Ashleigh!) alerted me to a contest being run by She knew that if I were aware of the contest, I'd want to nominate Patrice for the award, and of course she was right!

Everyone knows how much I admire Patrice and Matt for the wonderful life they're building with and for their son Jonah, and if she has a chance to take home this honor (complete with a prize package worth about $1,500), I want her to do it!

Here's the text of my nomination:

I wanted to nominate my nephew's wife, Patrice Williams of Kernersville, for your Mother of the Year award. After their first son, Gabe, was stillborn in April of 2008, Patrice and her husband Matt welcomed son Jonah in February of 2009. Jonah was diagnosed shortly after birth with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a rare, genetic skin disease that necessitates that he be "dressed" in full bandages daily.

Patrice gave up her job to stay at home with Jonah, now 2, full time, and under her care he has blossomed into a happy, otherwise healthy, typical toddler. There isn't a single facet of Matt and Patrice's life that hasn't changed following Jonah's arrival. During many months of the year, they are house-bound because heat and humidity cause faster breakdown of Jonah's skin. Simple outings in public are often the source of unintentional distress for them, because people don't understand Jonah's condition and say or ask insensitive things. Dressing changes and baths take hours each day to complete, and they are painful for Jonah, but through it all, Patrice keeps a smile on her face and in her heart.

Patrice's blog has been a tremendous outlet for her as well as a ministry to people around the world. Her faith and general sunny outlook on life have been an inspiration to hundreds of thousands of people through the blog and also through articles in the local paper. I can think of absolutely no one who is more deserving of a Mother of the Year designation than Patrice. You can read a summary of their story here.

Thank you for your consideration!

So please go vote for Patrice! While everyone who was nominated is deserving of recognition, I really want her to win! 


Sewconsult said...

Gladly, I voted for Patrice. I think she also deserves a special crown of jewels. I wish I lived closer so that I could give her some help each week.

Catie said...

Voted for Patrice & was glad too :) Hope she wins.

Rachel said...

I voted for her! I hope she wins.

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