May 16, 2011

A postscript

So, yes. We are having a girl.


And it's crazy and wonderful and a surprise to me, but I must say that the boys were all expecting it. They are THRILLED! We caught the moment on video when we told them about the news:

Their joy was palpable, even (especially?) Jake's.

And now I'm about to do something I REALLY don't want to do. I've had a bunch of requests to post some pictures of myself pregnant. It's not like I'm not TAKING any pictures of myself ... I mean, I scrapbook. And regardless of how little I like the way I look, it's important to me that there are pictures of me at all shapes and sizes in the kids' scrapbooks.


12 weeks:

And no, I didn't go to work looking like that. I wore a cute black-and-white jacket over that shirt and bootie.

16 weeks (with no outlet power and therefore no way to do my hair):

20 weeks:

Internet, I'm only halfway there and I'm wearing shirts I wore when I was 36 to 38 weeks with Nathaniel. And I'm still down six pounds from my starting weight, because I lost 10 during all the nausea. What will I look like NEXT month? OMG.


Jenny said...

Oh Congratulations!!!!!! What fun, wonderful news! We have two boys and a girl and it's been so fun to see my big boys shower her with love, attention and TRUCKS! :) HA! So happy for you!

Katie said...

You look fantastic, Kat!

Wade's World said...

Love the video!!! It's great to see how excited the boys are about their baby sister.

So do they have a say in her name? I'm thinking I heard, "Amelia" right at the end, which is a beautiful name!

ginmommy said...

I think you look fantastic!!! Congratulations on the little girl news :)

Unknown said...
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Green Door Girl said...

I can't believe it!!!! Seriously - I am having a boy and you a girl - who would have thought! Wahoo! Maybe that will make B&L get on the baby bandwagon - LOL :)

stollison said...

Eaaaauuuuu myyyyyeeeeee ggggguuuuuuddddd. You are so cute.

Robin said...

That is so cute! I love the "HALI LOOO YA!" And you look so darn cute pregnant!

Rachel said...

You look wonderful! End of story! :)

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