May 13, 2011

Where my stuff be?

I'm sure you've all figured out by now that Blogger has been a real pain in the butt over the last two days.

They took down all posts (not just mine) from yesterday and today, so my baby announcement post from yesterday is missing (like, deleted, and I'll have to redo it), and the one from today is all messed up.

I probably won't be able to fix them until late in the weekend, so just sit tight!


Carry Grace said...

My stuff was eventually restored. So maybe with some time yours will be too.

Carry Grace said...

Go to your dashboard and then edit posts. It may show as a draft and you can just change the date on it and re post.

(that's what I did, hope it helps)

Martha said...

Mine is finally back, too. What an enormous pain, though.

Belated Congratulations!!! I was excited to hear that you are having a girl. And what an amazing girl she will be... with three brothers to show her the ropes, she will be a force to be reckoned with!

Wade's World said...

Check your draft section. My posts were restored, finally!

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