Mar 21, 2011

Things people say ... vol. 5

1. "Hand me that cack-e-ator." Um, yeah. The "l" isn't silent.

2. "Happy Valentime's Day!" Thank goodness this is literally only one day a year and not a whole season long.

3. I don't even know if I can write this particular affront correctly in a phonetic sense. I'll try: "Let's eat early. I'll meet you at Chick-fil-A at ele'm."  It's pronounced sort of like "ih-LEHM." And they intend it to mean eleven o'clock.

4. Overheard from my desk recently: "I was just fixin' to come over there and assed you." I know she meant "ask," but it sounded like she was going to do something a lot, um, worse.

5. I realize that I just posted an alternative pronunciation for "asterisk" last time, but what can I say? It's an oft-mangled word. Just last week I heard someone say, "Add it right there, by the ass-trick."


Rachel said...

Number one was so awful I had to try to pronounce it out loud to even figure out what word they were really trying to say. Hope you're feeling well today.

paige said...

i often cringe when i see these titles on your blog. because if i haven't yet made this list, i will soon do so. i can't wait. because i know you'll totally call me out on it. *ahem, cheese dip for lunch*

Jamie said...

#3. Guilty.

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