Mar 19, 2011

I can't wait to have more baby giggles around the house

You know what makes the nausea and vomiting easier to bear? The thought of a beautiful, snuggly baby who has yet to do all the things that the other boys have already done. I can hardly wait to hold our new little one, watch him or her smile at the boys, giggle at their antics, and surprise me with the force of the love I'll feel.

Heather posted this video earlier this week, and OH MY it made me grin. I hope you enjoy it, too. (In case it's not immediately obvious, the mommy is blowing her nose.)


stollison said...

I'm so excited about him/her too!

Lacy said...

OMG I die! LOL! That is so cute!!! Can't wait!!! (ps- work has blocked blogger from my internet access :( so I can't reas as often but I'm still here!)

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