Mar 10, 2011

Meet Melanie the monk

I witnessed my very first real-life Damn You Auto Correct moment day before yesterday. I don't have an iPhone, but my friend Melanie just got one last week. She's still adjusting. Of course I told her to download Words with Friends, which is a great app except when you're forced to play the word "thong" in the middle of a game with your dad. AWKWARD BUT NECESSARY. Gotta use those letters up, Internet.

So anyway:

Melanie: "Hey, what's your Words with Friends ID?"

Melanie: "Mine's monastic."

Melanie: "Oops."

Melanie: "mkmaddox"

It may not be as funny when I type it out like that, but what was so funny to me was that I received the texts in real time but didn't have time to respond. So when I saw "monastic," I was like, "WHAT THE HECK? That's a TERRIBLE screen name. Among the worst I've ever seen." It didn't occur to me that it was an auto-correction.

I just thought she was an exceptionally bad screen name chooser.

Unrelated but needs to be said: It is killing me, almost literally KILLING ME, that Chick-fil-A has introduced its banana pudding milkshake "for a limited time only" during a time period in which I can't keep any food down.

I Googled it to see if they've said exactly how "limited" of a time we're talking about, but I couldn't find it. GAH. I Tweeted them last night. I'll let you know what I hear.


Laura and family said...

Aaron and I LOVE that shake, so we recreated it at home. It's super simple and tastes just as good. All you need is vanilla ice cream, banana extract, milk, and vanilla wafers. :-)

Natalie said...

and is there a certin reason why you are not able to keep anyting down ? lol OR is it the flu? Did I miss an announcement? That shake is delish..I love it..and Just for the is 23 ww points. and I enjoyed the whole thing in one sitting. (no wonder I am not doing so good on my diet!! )

Rachel said...

Sounds good. And I have a feeling more auto correct things will happen to you in the future.

Plain Chicken said...

I love Damn You Auto Correct!

I haven't tried the Banana Pudding Shake yet - I need to!

Sewconsult said...

How can you possibly eat that with morning sickness? YUCK. Sorry, but I don't do shakes, banana spits or banana pudding, so I don't have to have morning sickness to turn that down.

My iPad has auto-correct spelling and I want to kill it. It has been embarrassing!

Tamar SB said...

I had my first auto-correct episode a few weeks ago too! My sister texted me "En moved the bog creek into the lucidly room." Which was intended to be "Ben moved the big screen to the living room." We were laughing hard about that one!

And would you believe I have never been to CFA (although being a vegetarian and kosher may make it pointless!) there isn't even one in NY where I am from or in Boston!

paige said...

Now I want that shake. I'll order one for you. And then drink it, too.

You're welcome.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Laura, we've discussed this via e-mail. Blender = far, far away.

Natalie, miss much? I sent you the link to the announcement. ;)

Rachel, I'm hoping I don't get auto-corrected into infamy.

Steph, let me know if you need a taste-tester for your shake! I know you would make an awesome one.

Beckie, I haven't eaten it yet. I hope to once I'm feeling better.

Tamar, Ha! And no CFA for you ... how sad. It's worth the plane fare down South. Well, except for the kosher thing. ;)

Paige, let me know how it is!!!

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