Jan 1, 2011

My gift to you

We stayed up hella late last night, ringing the new year in with our friends Paige and Barry. Therefore, I was unable to string two sentences together when it was time to sit down and write. But it's Saturday, and a holiday to boot. So I'm not really feeling the pressure.

Luckily I came up with a way for us to all start the new year off with a good laugh. See Passive Aggressive Notes' most popular notes of 2010 (language warning).

The one to the Tooth Fairy and the one about Comic Sans? SOLID GOLD.

1 comment:

paige said...

Being a person who generally hits the sack around 8pm, I was also tired when we got home. However, I've been tired since I got to the states, so nothing new. But tomorrow! Tomorrow is a new (and possibly energetic) day!

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