Jan 15, 2011

The hits just keep on comin'

I was telling Patrice yesterday that Google Reader has completely sucked me in. I have 184 subscriptions to blogs -- thankfully most of them don't post every day -- and I keep finding new ones to add. When will I hit the wall at which I finally discover I've FOUND all the good ones already?

I don't know. But that day wasn't yesterday. I found a new obsession: Meadowbrook Farm.

Okay, first of all, great photography is like catnip to me. Second, talented home decorating is like, um, MORE catnip to me. And finally, blogs without a lot of drama are a whole nother level of catnip to me.

Now, I can buy into a whole lot of drama. Baby in the hospital? I'm on my knees praying for you. Husband in a bad car accident? I'm offering to bring you supper. Had to put your dog to sleep? I'm a Commenting fool. I am all about jumping in and letting you know that this little blogger is on your side. I'm appealing to the Lord on your behalf.

But I also need a little lightness in my Reader. I need a no-drama zone. And yesterday I stumbled upon Meadowbrook Farm, and I fell in love. Beautiful, every bit of it.

Here's a link to Teresa's About Me page if you're interested in learning more. And here's a small snippet of what you'll find there:
Hi, my name is Teresa. Nine years ago, I was a happily settled, cul-de-sac residing, suburban mom. I had Starbucks, shopping malls, and every other convenience known to man at my fingertips. Now I am a country girl living on a small farm 500 miles from the old neighborhood. My husband and I, along with our three boys, decided to leave the rat race behind for a slower pace and a simpler life. It was a leap of faith. 

Looking at the pictures of her boys and reading about their lives, I feel like she's living my future. I'm officially captivated.


RLR said...

Stop showing more blogs to follow! (lol)
I have tried to clear out my google reader (I have too many that I just scroll right past...) and can't get it to work! Grr! It's too hard to not follow new blogs, though, so I guess that number's just gonna keep creeping...

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

It took me a while to figure out that you can't just delete the feeds from blogs you actually Follow. You have to unfollow FIRST, then you can delete the feed.

Teresa said...

Hi Katherine!
Thanks for the blog love! I'm so glad you enjoyed your drama free visit to my corner of the internet.
I'm with you on the never ending trail of new blogs. So, so many amazing people to visit....how can we ever keep up?
Have a wonderful Sunday!

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