Jan 16, 2011

Hope your hopes aren't high

Well, I debated not posting today ... but when you're an obsessive poster like I am, it turns out that's usually not an option unless you're hospitalized or dead. And I thought that Beckie or Rachel or Lacy or Amy or Laura or any of the other devoted readers who don't know me in real life might call the sheriff to come make sure I wasn't dead. No need to bring in law enforcement, ladies. HERE I AM.

Still, I don't want your expectations to be too high. What I've got for you today is less than random.

I had cotton rounds -- which I use a minimum of twice a day -- on the Costco list. The last time we bought them there, it was a ginormous pack of 300. They've lasted me a good long while, but nonetheless, I have been running low. Coscto is mere steps away from Grayson's office, so he stopped in and picked up the items on our list after work Friday night, and this is the box of cotton rounds he brought in the house:

Uhhh ... did you catch the number of rounds in there?

I think I'm good for a while. Apparently Costco has upped the ante in the cotton rounds department.

When I picked Nathaniel up from school on Friday afternoon, I noticed a big red stain on his hand.

I asked him what it was and he answered, "Red mar-kah. We have these scented mar-kahs in our classroom, and this one smelled like strawberry. I wanted to smell like strawberry, so ..."

Alrighty then. It is very difficult to argue with logic like that.

One of the things that has cracked me up since my sister sent me her iPad is that Jake has taken to it like a duck to water. He can launch iTunes and choose songs to play.

He can launch Angry Birds and play that game like he's been doing it his whole life. He even gave Paige and Barry a tutorial on it on New Year's Eve.

He can also apparently access the App Store, which thankfully I have password protected for purchases, because when I looked at it yesterday, it was on the Thomas the Train app page. 

We're gonna have to keep an eye on that one.

Now, go forth and have a perfectly wonderful Sunday, secure in the knowledge that I'm here, not dead.


Tamar SB said...

Too funny, Katherine - the kids and ipads/pods/phones amazes me! Friends of ours' 2 year old can take my iphone, open it, look through my photos, and find youtube and pull up sesame street videos! How she can do that is beyond me!

Have a great week!

Chris D. Hilton said...

This post is such a good example of my brother and his offspring’s. I think such runs in the family! We are a dangerous crew.

Rachel said...

How funny...and yes, I did catch the 9 x 100 on the box. Good grief! I think that should last quite a while.

Lacy said...

Glad you are ok! Flattered to be mentioned on your blog (I am the Lacy you were talking about right, LOL?!) I noticed the number first thing! And I'd like to smell like strawberries too!

Sewconsult said...

Beckie is checking in. (Thanks) I was waiting for a picture of one of the 900 rounds used to wipe off the hot pink "stawbie" ink. I shop Sam's, so I need to see if they have the gazillion pack of rounds there... I'm running low, also. (thanks for the reminder).
Have a great week.

paige said...

Yeah, I was planning to post about how much smarter your two-year-genius is than Bear and I...COMBINED. :) The kid is good.

I'm glad to see that Grayson delivered on the cotton rounds. He's a good man. :)

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Tamar, isn't it totally amazing that they can do? We first realized that Jake could do all this stuff on my sister's iPhone, and now he's just transferred his skills to the iPad. It's so funny!

Chris, I agree!

Rachel, I'm sitting here trying to figure out how long it will take me to go through 900 cotton rounds if I use two a day. Not as long as I hoped. ;)

Beckie and Lacy, yes, you were "the" Lacy and Beckie that I mentioned. :) So loyal.

Paige, I know. I need to go ahead and get him a job. About time he started bringing home some BACON with that skillset!

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