Dec 18, 2010

Three things

1. I keep getting e-mails from a group called Asian Singles. The subject line is always something like, "Date Asian Singles" or "Find fun-loving Asian singles!" ... which are two examples from the last week. These people need to work on their demographic research, because I'm not who they're looking for.

2. Birmingham is getting an actual dodgeball league. Co-ed. I find this hysterically funny.

3. We've been out of toilet paper in our powder room for about four days now. Every time I've gone in there, I've reminded myself to go upstairs and get a couple of rolls. And every time I've forgotten, including around 6:30 last night. So I went to scrapbook with some friends for several hours, and I came home and was SO proud of myself for remembering! I went straight upstairs, got two rolls, brought them down and went to put one on the thingie ... and one was already there. Apparently Grayson and I have the same threshold for going without toilet paper in the powder room. Who knew.

Now I'm off to wrap things and try to keep the boys from peeking. Wish me luck.


paige said...

The emails could be worse. Dwell on that.

Sewconsult said...

Like many things in our house, I am the only one with the talent to replace toilet paper, paper towels, change the linens, load the dishwasher, vac anywhere other than carpeted areas and many other things. SO, I quit doing somethings: bringing in the mail and paper, taking the recycling items to the garage (I hang them on the basement door, so he has to take them), and several other things that he is gradually doing out from my subliminal messages.

Retirement is just a long vacation for him, but not for me!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Paige, You're right. But God forbid I post a list of all the titles of the spam e-mails I get every day. I'd lose followers ... some of them are just disgusting!

Beckie, if I quit doing any of those things, no one would pick up the slack. Trust me on that one. ;)

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