Dec 17, 2010

Must have! Must have!

One of the sponsors on Darby's blog is a great shop called Coton Colors.

The moment I clicked over to check it out, I was completely hooked. Like, LINE AND SINKER. My absolute favorite thing I've found so far (although honestly I'd take one of everything) is the Happy Everything! platter.

Here's the thing: there are all these seasonal attachments you buy that attach to the top of the platter. I KNOW. Heaven.

Here are the ones I've already decided I have to have:

The black one with the green scalloped border (about five up from here) is a chalkboard attachment. Yep. You can write on it with chalk. I DIE.

Now. I am not wealthy. This is something I'll have to buy in stages. But I love it! This large (16-inch) version of the platter is $99.95, and each attachment is $19.99.

There's a smaller version of the platter that's about 9x9 square, and it's only $39.95, with attachments priced at $14.50 each. But I can't do the Mini. I say, Go big or go home.

Anyway, this is my newest hostess obsession, and I wanted to share its colorful goodness with you. Bring on the parties!


Sewconsult said...

Oh, my goodness! I am so glad that I don't have little ones in my family at the moment. (Instead, I really need to send money to my niece who is a missionary in India!) I will have to send this link to my sister-in-law who has a new granddaughter. I can just see it being a perfect gift for the new mom and dad.

paige said...

I must admit - that is pretty sweet. I love it.

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