Dec 1, 2010

Done and done

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I finally broke down and went to the doctor yesterday ... I went to work and was so miserable I called to get worked in with my GP. Great news! I'm now the proud owner of my standard winter diagnosis of bronchitis and sinusitis. Seriously. I can write my own prescriptions from memory by now. So an antibiotic pack, a steroid pack and an Almond Joy later, I'm hopefully well on my way to a quick recovery.

The women who sit around me will be so thrilled when they no longer have to listen to me cough up a lung every two minutes.

Anyway, I wanted to get back to you on our Christmas decorating. I didn't take any pictures of the outdoor decorations, because I believe we've been in a monsoon since 20 minutes after I put them up. (Note to self: check to make sure they haven't done blowed away.)

But inside, the boys and Mom helped me get the tree decorated on Saturday afternoon.

Nathaniel was anxious to help for about four minutes. Then he was done.

Nicholas spent the first hour pouting because all of the homemade ornaments he found had Nathaniel's name on them. We're talking, ornaments from like 2003 to 2006. So Nicholas wouldn't put anything on the tree and was convinced that I don't love him. MERRY FREAKING CHRISTMAS.

So first I had to convince him that I hadn't selected ONLY HIS ORNAMENTS and thrown them away, but that he simply didn't do as many crafts in his class when he was little. Then I walked him over to the craft table and helped him make some ornaments that we could hang on the tree. Ornaments with his name and the year on them. Then he was totally happy. I AHM THE JEDI MAS-TAH.

After my stint at the craft table, I went back to the tree. Hello. Meet my unwashed hair pulled back in a ponytail which accentuates my widow's peak.

Behold! Our leaning tower of Christmas! I have no idea why it's leaning, but I can't get it to straighten up. I'm sure it will fall on my head while I'm blogging one night. Yes, I'll be sure to call for Grayson to take a picture before he digs me out from under the tree.

It also leans at night.

My favorite ornaments of all time are the ones of the boys that I do every year. (I just ordered the 2010 ornaments.)

I order them from Pottery Barn or Lillian Vernon with the date engraved on them, and then I choose a picture from November or December to go in them. I hope one day to have a whole tree dedicated to just these ornaments! Love.

I set up our nativity set on the secretary near the Christmas tree ...

It's directly under the large angel by our friend and artist Petru Botezatu.

I'm not that happy with the mantel at the moment, but I'm still tweaking it. It needs more height, for one thing.

Here it is with no flash. I don't know why I feel the need to show it to you both ways, but I do.

I got these topiary things from Lillian Vernon last year on clearance after Christmas. I think they're so cute! (The basket in the center holds our Christmas cards.)

This wreath, same story.

And finally, the big boys' tree, exclusively Star Wars.

Most of the characters are represented on the tree, but I'm always looking for more.

Each year they get one new Star Wars ornament in their stockings.

They love to have this tree in their room, and they're so sad when it's time to take it down!

Okay. Now I need to get back to coughing.

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Janine Claire Robinson said...

Oh no sweet lady ... I hope you feel better soon. I so identify with having to juggle the "super sensitive ... favoritism" moment with your little treasure. My girls get the same! My eldest was very cross that I wouldn't put the decorated angel she made out of a toilet roll on the top of the tree this year! Umm ... I just had to stick to my guns on that one =) hee hee.

Sewconsult said...

Hope the magic pills help you bounce back quickly. By the way, I read many years ago that women with "widow's peak" were seen to be exotic! So wrap a long colorful scarf around your neck and be exotic!

I had to chuckle at the leaning tower of Christmas. Ours does that at times and no matter how I turn it, it seems to lean toward the East... is that a sign?

Emily A. Clark said...

Well, isn't that a coincidence? I am 99% sure I have the same thing going on with me. I need a steroid, I'm sure. I feel like crud, which explains why I'm a couple of days behind on your project. Plan to have everything to you by Sunday.

Your house looks so Christmas happy!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Janine, thank you! Well, at least I didn't have a toilet paper roll angel to deal with ... I guess I got off easy!

Beckie, feeling a little bit better. And yeah, I don't know what the deal is with the leaning tree. I'm afraid if I mess with it too much, it really will fall, so I'm leaving it alone!

Emily, so sorry you've been sick, too! Sending warm thoughts your way. :)

Abi's Blog said...

Pretty tree - the home-made ornaments and photo ornaments are for sure the best - I still hang my children's photos - and LOVE them - now the grandchildren's photos join them!

Rachel said...

Oh, I now feel bonded with Nicholas. I was a middle child, too, and I was so incensed that my brother was ALL OVER my baby book, and there was not a single picture of me in his baby book. And a million other similar examples of the difficulty of being a middle child.

I understand and feel his pain.

Rachel said...

I love it. Can you believe my children have never seen Star Wars. Tonight we're celebrating Joshua's birthday and we're going to watch the original Star Wars movie. :)

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Ava, I can't wait until the day I can add grandkids' photos to the tree! I hadn't even thought that far out, but it makes me happy just to think about it!

René said...

Your boys are adorable and so is your leaning tree. Some years ours does that ans we can never get it straight. Whatever. Can I just say that my guys would love to have a Star Wars tree?

Thanks for joining the party Katherine! Merry Christmas!


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